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Thread: The Purging

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    -My lord, the ships are in position. The men only await your signal to enter the drop-pods...

    Grand Master Tiku of the Doom Reapers sighed. He was tired... Tired of these endless battles, endless shows of strength and courage... When he realised what he was thinking, he quickly expulsed these heretic thoughts. They were here to protect the Imperium, and to uphold the law of the Emperor.

    And yet... no matter how many battles they fought, no matter how many men they slew, no matter how much courage they showed in the face of this war torn galaxy, there were always more battles to fight, more men to slay, more courage was always needed... Heretics, traitors and deviants, all had to be purged to ensure Humanity's prosperity. But he couldnt imagine a day when none of these enemies would exist, even he, one of the most faithful men in the galaxy, was tired of war...

    -My lord...? asked the Servitor standing behind him.
    -Alert the men, and the ships captain, we will begin the assault soon. We will bring the light of the Emperor and his purifying flames to these heretics.

    He left his cabin, and headed down the corridor, his footfalls falling heavy on the floor. The Grand Master's Terminator armor took up the entire corridor, normally enough for two large sized Guards to walk through. He went by the Armory, and attached his Master Crafted twin Bolters to his armor, put on his deep black helmet. All systems were operational, as he saw his vital signs show up on his heads-up display. Leaving the Armory, he headed for the Thunderhawk that would bring him to the surface. The doors opened, and he entered, and saw that already his 10 guards in Terminator armor were there, saluting. He entered. His voice went on the intercom to all Marines in the Chapter.

    -My Brothers! We go to war once again. I will not lie to you. Some of us will not make it back, and hard times are ahead. Just remember these important things when you are fighting: 1 Make sure your equipment is all in working order, and that you are high on ammunitions. 2 Remember your training, and we will be succesful. We have been training for years for this! This is what we were born to do! 3 Never forget that your Brothers are looking out for your safety, none shall ever fall alone, unaided. And 4th, these are heretics, show no merci, for they will show you none. Bring the light of the Emperor and His purifying flames down on their heads. They shall regret the day that they turned their backs to their vows! For Glory, for Honor, but even more important, for the Emperor!!

    Shouts of agreement came over the intercom, as every member of the Chapter heard these words. With those last words, the drop-pods were realised, and the Thunderhawks were launched. The skies of Corvak were darkened with falling drop-pods and the silhouets of Thunderhawks nearing the planet surface.

    The orbiting ships opened fire on the planetary cannons, as the Doom Reapers approached the ground. For the men on Corvak, it seemed as though the end of the world had come. Flames came from the deepest, darkest recesses of space, while thousands of grey objects came hurtling towards them.

    Tiku's Thunderhawk slowed as they neared the planet. He was prepared to face death once again for the Emperor, for the Imperium. As the landing legs deployed, they neared the ships exit, and the doors opened. They charged out, ready to be met by a hail of fire. But the welcome was vastly different from what they expected. In the far off northern distance, they saw a fortress, a small grey speck in the distance. He ordered his men to make for the fort, telling them to follow his lead. They set off at a fast pace, jogging, nearly sprinting, their endurance keeping them going even in their Terminator armor. As they neared the fort, they found many small groups of Marines, who eagerly followed their Grand Master. 100metres from the fortress, they heard the first echoes of battle, and these sounds urged them on even faster. 50 metres from the fortress, the Marines had formed a small trench line, and were opening fire with every gun at their disposal, but the heretics would not give up. As Tiku arrived, the men shouted in celebration, for they knew that this enemy would not stand long against them. Tiku ordered a simultaneous barrage from every weapon and then a charge from all sides. He hoped this would disorientate the enemy, and make it impossible for them to defend. The plain grew quiet as every man recharged their guns, and prepared for the inevitable massacre that would ensew. Saying his last prayers to the Emperor, he ordered his men to fire. The heretics were taken completey by surprise, and when the Space Marines charged, they could not stop them. But they didnt have to... Someone else was going to...

    As Tiku neared the main gate, he saw a sight that made his blood run chill. Holding the fort and ramparts were Death Guards, and all around the fort, coming out of the earth itself, Nurglings begun their advance.

    -Flamers to the front! Nurgling infestation! Men, pullback to the trenchs, Death Guards!

    A few units answered in affamation, but he also heard blood curdling screams. They turned, and started to jostle back to their trenchs. When they finally reached their perimeter, Tiku found that a good half of his men had been slain. Such bloodshed! Such anguish! But he had no time to sink back into deep, dark thoughts, as hundreds of Death Guards came limping out of the fort, as slowly and surely as a Plague itself. He told the men to brace for an assault, and aimed his bolter at the nearest Guard. He fired. The horrific things arm flew clean off, but he kept coming. Firing again, Tikus' aim this time shot of the Guards head, and he fell. With a shout, every surviving Doom Reaper opened fire, and slew the oncoming Death Guards, and also the traitorus Imperial Guards. Hordes of Plague Bearers came, slowly walking, and the Doom Reapers were very nearly overwhemled. But more reinforcements kept arriving to the planets surface.

    -Send word to Terra that there are Death Guard here! belowed Tiku through the intercom. We need reinforcements, we cant take them all down alone!

    Suddenly, in his mind, a faint shadow appeared, telling him to get up and charge the oncoming Marines. Even though they were possesed by Chaotic energies, they were still Marines, they could be slain... like half of his company...

    -Men! Let the Emperor guide us! Charge! Charge!

    Standing up in union, all the Marines charged, firing as they ran. Tiku slammed into the nearest Death Guards, cutting them to fetid pieces, that lay wiggling on the floor. The attackers were pushed back, and slain in their hundreds.

    The battle went this way and that for 4 days, until finally 4 Space Wolf companies landed, reinforced the Doom Reapers, and organised a succesful assault on the fortress. Even though they had won, the cost was horrific. Of the 1000 Doom Reapers that landed, only 150 would ever see their homeworld again. Even Tiku, their Grand Master, veteran of a thousand battles, fell, leading the final assault, when his guards were cut from about him by none other than Typhus himself. When the Grand Master and the Chaos Lord met in combat, Typhus already knew that the fortress was lost, but did not want to leave without claiming something that the Doom Reapers held so dear as their own Grand Master. The last sight Tiku ever saw was that of unparalleled slaughter, the field lay strewn with bodies, Marine and none Marine, limbs missing, faces contorted, the grass itself was now red, soaked in the blood of thousands of warriors.

    After this horrific battle, and once the news reached Terra, they were so appaled by this that they ordered the planet to be destroyed using the Exterminatus. The planet burned, and 15 million more lives were lost.

    Doom Reapers: 850 men, 50 tanks
    Space Wolves: 120 men, 20 tanks
    Death Guard: 500 men, Unknown Nurglings, Unknown Plague Bearers
    Heretical Imperial Guard: Unknown

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    nice, thats pretty good, all i can say is maby put the nurgling and plauge bearers numbers as unknown as they vanish to the warp so numbers would be near impossible to predict

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