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    Part one Death Guard.

    It was dark. The musty air of the cabin made it hard to breathe. Hell it was always hard to breathe.

    Something slithered past him in the darkness. "Damn tentacle," Rokin Creed said in a musty voice his

    face slowly rotting. He stood up scratching his bloated belly while popping a pus bubble on his side. He

    slowly made his way to the door pushing one it to make it open. The button to open it had been long

    out of repair. He walked out into the hall way. Looking to one side another Death Guard came down

    the hall."Creed get your ass to the drop deck we are going to land soon," Rothan said. Rothan was an

    ugly soldier. His face full of maggots and muscle. No flesh remained on his face and only one eye left

    in a socket. Creed nodded saying," This world will be under Nurgles control in a day."

    Down on Avain IV the imperial troops readied themselves in their ditches. Cameron troop of third

    platoon of the Avain IV City Defense watched as the giant ship came into orbit. His platoon Sargent

    watched as the ship slowly landed about a quarter of a mile away. "Son this will probably be the

    first and last time you see death in material form. Stand your ground."

    "Oh stand my ground he says. It's not like your going to be brutally murdered or something.

    Emperor guide me,"
    thought Cameron.

    The latches opened on the Death Guards ship and the faint sound of buzzing came. All of a sudden a giant wave of blackness engulfed the troops and all hell started.

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    Pretty good Toxic, though I liked the first half of what you have written of the second half. The feel you get from the description of Rothan and just the smallest part of the death guard ship is amazing, while the second written part feels slightly robbed of detail. (As if you were jumping right in the middle of a story rather than at its beginning.

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