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    The 41st Skythian Rifles

    Some background for my in-progress Guard army that I wrote at work while I should have been... working.

    Doctrines: Iron Discipline, Close Order Drill, Sanctioned Psykers, Veterans, Hardened Fighters.

    The 41st Skythian Rifles hail from the small, rocky and inhospitable world of Skythia near the Cadian Gate. The Skythians have a highly militarized society influenced strongly by the nearby Cadian civilization, and have inherited much of their equipment and training techniques from them. Like Cadia, the primary resource which Skythia provides to the Imperium is its manpower. There are a total of 398 Skythian regiments on active service, and a further 212 serving as the Skythian PDF. The tithed regiments are numbered 1 to 398, and the PDF regiments are those numbered 399 to 610.

    Though similar in many ways to their famous cousins, the Skythian military also differs from that of Cadia in several respects. Skythia boasts a military aristocracy, and the Skythian officer classes place great importance on personal courage and ferocity. This means that, in comparison with the Cadians, the Skythian regiments place less emphasis on teamwork and more on the individual resourcefulness and ability of the officers. Young sons of Skythian officer dynasties are encouraged to engage in dangerous honour duels with deadly broadswords, and to develop a cold and unflappable exterior which inspires confidence in their men in even the most dire situations. The rank and file, who are drawn almost exclusively from the lower classes, are expected to cultivate the virtues of competence, courage and above all obedience and trust in their superiors. It is said that while a Cadian trusts in his team-mates, a Skythian trusts in his officer; unless he is an officer - in which case he trusts in himself!

    Skythia's proximity to the Eye of Terror means that there is a relatively high proportion of psychic individuals among the population, and the 3rd moon of Skythia is home to an Ordo Hereticus Inquisitorial stronghold. The planet itself also hosts several major shrines guarded by Adepta Sororitas Commanderies. Skythian regiments are often seconded to Ordo Hereticus Inquisitors facing particularly powerful threats.

    The 41st have a history spanning over 800 years, and their colours record thousands of battles on hundreds of worlds. Currently the regiment is under the command of Colonel Falken Kimmerian, though several elements of the first company have been seconded to Inquisitor John Cavendish. The 41st are an infantry regiment - armoured support is traditionally provided to them by the 2nd Knights of Skythia, an ancient and honourable tank division.

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