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    Platina, the Maiden of Levan

    I am currently building an Inquisitional army consisting of random guardsmen drafted as necessity indicates for my Inquisitor's private army. I've currently got the fluff behind the Inquisitor Lady Anonyme and her second in command, Commissar Reltih. I decided that the final thing I needed was a sort of figurehead of the army. Thus, I created the following character. I've my own special rules for her, but if the opposing player doesn't wish to use them, I'll just use a tricked out Cannoness.

    Platina The Maiden

    On the southern rim of the Imperium is a closely packed cluster of stars known as NLV11378. On the fourth planet of one of these stars is the Shrine world of Levan, a moderately industrialized world. The planet was devoted to Saint Levan, a Cannoness of the Order of the Martyred Lady who had been born upon the planet and was post-humorously declared a saint. Despite its status as a Shrine World numerous chaos cults began to spring all over the planet, and suddenly the planet was in the midst of a revolt. The heathens beat back the PDF and Ecclesiastic forces to the capital city, Neval. As the PDF and Sisters of Battle waited for assistance from Imperial Forces, transmissions revealed that the system’s surrounding planets had also sprung up in rebellion. No fleet on the magnitude necessary to retake the system was available, and with Chaos Space Marines joining the battle, it appeared as if they were doomed.

    In the midst of this a young peasant girl named Platina spurred the defenders to victory, claiming she spoke to the Emperor in visions and dreams. While at first castrated as a witch, a Thorian Inquisitor named Lady Anonyme who had been on the planet investigating the Chaos cults investigated her; and surprisingly found her clean of taint. The Inquisitor declared her to be under the guiding hand of the Emperor. Thus, she took to the battlefield sword in hand and beat back the rebels, quickly liberating the city. While she herself fought valiantly, she turned the tide by the use of ingenious tactics, assaulting the enemy within the city, cutting them off from other forces, using feints upon feints and drawing the enemies into complex plans of action which destroyed the traitors utterly with minimal losses to the dwindling defenders. At its end the traitors and their Chaotic allies were repelled from the city and forced to retreat. As to Platina, she had no idea how she came to these strategies; she said that holy voices of long dead saints within her head told her to strike at the enemy when and where, when she looked upon a map the Emperor’s hand guided her to where and when she should strike.

    Unfortunately, they lacked the forces to take the planet back. At Platina’s behest she asked the planetary governor to send a distress call to a nearby system known to be deserted. With nothing to lose, the signal was sent. In days time a Black Templars Crusade smashed into the rebellious system, cleansing with bolter and fire. At the same time the Black Templars were en-route to reclaim an ancient Fortress Monastery where countless ancient relics were hidden. They received the distress call almost immediately, and upon recovering these relics went upon the warpath.

    Platina herself led the PDF to reclaim her world along side the Black Templars, quickly retaking her planet. She joined the off world efforts to reclaim the rest of her system, and after a bloody year of fighting the system had been pacified. Unfortunately, there was still much work to do. The reason for the Chaos cults was the intrusion of Chaos Space Marines planting the seeds of rebellion in the systems of the star cluster.

    The Black Templars went to work, side by side with the Levan Imperial Guard Regiments and The Order of our Martyred Lady. Over the course of ten years they reclaimed the dozen other star systems that had rebelled. As for Platina herself, she was still driven by her visions of the Emperor, and went with the crusade to conquer the rebellious planets. Afterwards she continued her pilgrimage with the assistance of Inquisitor Anonyme, the same Thorian Inquisitor a decade ago. Under her authority and watchful gaze Platina continues to cut a swath through the Emperor’s enemies on a never ending crusading pilgrimage.

    For that find this strangely familiar, I based this character off of Joan of Arc. Rather unoriginal but strangely inspiring.

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    yeah thats what it looked like

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