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Thread: Grey Spectres

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    The Grey Spectres

    The Grey Spectres were founded in M34 to aid their brother chapters in stemming the tide of Ork hordes who had been rampaging along the Eastern Fringe of Imperial space. The Grey Spectres were originally based along the eastern fringe of Imperial space, their homeworld of Kislev XI being one of the only worlds safe from Ork hordes.

    Following it’s inception, the chapter proved excellent at defending the borders of the Imperium. Near the end of M34 however, the Grey Spectres homeworld became cut off by extremely violent Warp Storms. When the Storms had dispersed, communications with the planet were attempted. Answers came, all was in good order. Soon however, the Fleet of Dark Lord Revan, a known heretic and Chaos Space Marine of the Black Legion, began rampaging through the sector. Fleets from various Space Marine chapters, most notably the Ultramarines, were sent to stop them. This begged the question however. Why did the Grey Spectres not attempt to stop Revan?

    Witch Hunter Romonov was sent to investigate. When he landed on Kislev XI, he found all was as it should be. However - he sensed something was wrong. Dark forces were working on the planet. Soon, Romonov found the problem. The entire Chapter had been converted to Chaos. All members, seeking power, had gone under the lead of former Chapter Master - Levictus.

    When the chapter was created, Kislev XI, a forgeworld, was chosen as the chapters homeworld for the hardy people who developed in the strong gravity, and allowed the chapter access to plenty of munitions and equipment.

    After the chapters renouncement of Imperial standards by joining the Dark Lord Revan, the planet was declared Exterminatus, and entirely purged under the order of the Ordo Malleus and Ordo Hereticus. The planet was soon virus bombed, and nothing would ever live there again.

    Now - the remaining Grey Spectres are aboard the Chapters Flagship - Obsidian Spirit.

    Combat Doctrine
    The Grey Spectres use a large base of troops, supported by bikes, assault marines, predators and Dreadnoughts. However, the chapter also makes use of daemonic allies, and deamon engines, support often found in the form of the Defiler.

    Hueron Protek, still alive to this date is the chapters second and current Chapter Master, or as he calls himself, Dark Lord. At his side are his 4 Lieutenants, Krotal Skullsplitter, Festimus Bile, Tavion the Ever-young and Tzandras the Sorceror. These 4 lieutenants, each under the rule of Dark Lord Hueron, form the head of the Grey Spectres infrastructure.
    The hierarchy under these people usually follows to those chosen to lead Huerons forces, then their armies under them. Most notably is Dark Apostle Bandon, known for rampaging amongst the Trophed sector.

    The Chapter believes that only in Chaos can there be true power. This belief has obviously been introduced and nurtured since the time of Dark Lord Revan's arrival.

    Gene Seed
    Being of the Dark Founding, the Grey Spectres were created using a gene seed of unknown origin.

    Battle Cry
    “Order to Chaos!?

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    Sounds good, cool how grey knights can turn to chaos even though that is who they are supposed to kill.
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    Uh Cronus there not grey Knights but anyway Martox your fluff is really good.
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    in my mind.........................................
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    hey cronus dilaundau is right
    these guys are NOT grey knights
    they are grey Spectres..........

    think about it:
    grey knights are covered in silver...........
    and these Spectres are probably grey............


    besides fluff says in the DH codex: NOT ONE GREY KNIGHT HAS EVER FALTERED IN BATTLE OR TURNED TO CHAOS....................

    besides the grey knights are not really a chater of space marines even though they are space marines...... they are the chamber militant of the ordo malleus..
    they dont follow the index astartes way of orginization and are trained in a diffrent manner and rise through the ranks diffrently for that matter...........

    so basicly they CAN&#39;T BE GREY KNIGHTS

    thoughts such as these are heresy&#33;

    worship the immortal emperor for without him we are nothing :rolleyes:
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    and flee in disarray,

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    fought at all.

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