Demorves is a world run by the Imperial Guard as a fortress world to protect the system of Demorves and as a factory world to produce heavy armor for the armies of the IG. Its own regiments are, with the exeption of the PDF, Heavy Armor Units. The Demorves production of the Leman Russ MBT has heavier armor thean its cousines and they utilize special rounds in addition to their basic battle cannon rounds. these rounds are AP and HEAT rounds. A HEAT round is used as a joint anti-tank/anti-heavy infantry weapon. They often encorperate co-axe heavy stubbers. Demorves is also one of the few worlds other than Mars that still produces baneblade in signifigant numbers. Their armor is so valued that even the astartes and the Inquisition request Demorves Production Leman Russes with demorves crews from time to time. They often build entire companies of their Leman Russ just to ship to other regiments as heavy armor support. Ordo Mallus and Ordo Hereticus maintain bases on the world as well.

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