Chapter III - Planetfall - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    Chapter III - Planetfall

    If you haven't already read my other two chapters to this story I advice you to visit these links:

    Chapter I - Ork ignorance and a Seer's uncertainty (Ork Ignorance, and a Seer's Uncertainty)

    Chapter II - Arrival of the Ancients (Chapter II - Arrival of the Ancients)

    Chapter III - Planetfall

    Sergeant Fletch Carter peered out through the foggy morning mist at the surrounding swamplands. Darn, he thought, still no sign of any action. Carter had joined the Armageddon 260th planetary regiment early in the first Armageddon war. Since then he had been posted to the southern swamplands below Armageddon Secondus, and it was there he remained for the past 3 years. Although he knew the early warning system was vital when dealing with Ork invasions, he couldn’t help but feel useless and undervalued. After all, he was the best sniper in his training group. He could pick off a snotling in a corn field from half a mile away. He and his team had been given the ‘important’ task of honing their keen eyes on the continents southern flank.
    Carter turned around, his thoughts interrupted by the familiar voice of specialist Viktor.
    “Ziss svamp eiz sooo disgusting”
    his thick accented Vostroyan sniper exclaimed.
    Jhonson sighed a loud extended sigh, and turned back to his duty.
    3 years ago, Johnson would have heavily reprimanded such lack of discipline and concentration from a trained sniper. In all honesty though, Johnson couldn’t see the point anymore. There was nothing but swamp rats and owls in this terribly barren marshland.
    Honestly the whole group was bored to tears. One afternoon a lost gretchin strayed into the swamp and the whole team spent an entire evening laying comical traps such as dung bombs and gretchin snares (with a tasty looking dead rat as the bait.). Eventually duty caught up with their mischief and they sniped the thoroughly confused and degraded gretchin, Official reporting of this incident of course didn’t mention anything but the shooting.
    “Dinner time sir!”
    The call came from Carter’s sniper-turned-swamp-rat-chef Drako.
    “You heard ‘im Viktor, go get some chow”
    Viktor gave a mocking shrug and replied.
    “Suit yeerzelf sir, eetz quite a meel you are mizzing out on zoough.”
    Carter rolled his eyes at his sarcastic foreign subordinate.
    “Well lets hope Drako’s skills in cooking are improving faster then your language skills.”
    With this comment Viktor put on the stern face of a true Vostroyan, and marched away to the camp.
    Great, now he would have to deal with a disgruntled Vostroyan for the next few weeks. Of all the people who can’t take jokes, Vostroyans, in Carter’s experience, would have to be the worst. Specialist Marco was the first to discover this cold stubborn self-pride, when he started to call Viktor ‘big fluffy snowman’ over the radiocomm. Marco was strung up for four weeks naked by Viktor, being blanketed only in the cool night, and fed by Viktor himself only when necessary. Marco and the other members except Carter had a strong dislike for Viktor. Only Carter however knew the full extent of Viktor’s harsh past from his bios report. Carter was astounded that Viktor retained any sense of humour after his harsh torture and captivity at the hands of the evil and twisted dark archon of the murder kabaal.
    The whole team could agree however, that it was small events such as these that kept the wasteland bearable. Carter decided to trail his eyes across the barren landscape one last time before he would go back to find his charred rodent dinner. Hmm… nothing to the east, nothing to the west, north is clear, south is clear… wait. He suddenly spotted a green flash in the southern sky. He watched carefully as the green flash began to streak its way down towards the horizon. He fumbled with his radiocomm transiever a while before finally switching it on.
    “Callsign: Cadia, Armageddon, Rift, Terra, reporting to Armageddon receiving outpost 64431-A, we have just encountered an anomaly in our sector. I will send you a vid recording as soon as you respond.”
    Carter’s basic radiocomm training began to show its merit.
    The comm was silent a while, then suddenly crackled into life.
    “Sergeant Carter, this is receiving outpost 64431-A, you have the go-ahead on the vid recording, we are ready to receive.”
    Carter quickly switched on his helmet’s vid-recorder, focusing his gaze on the strange green light.
    “Magnify 100%”
    He called into the inbuilt audio-reciever.
    The vid-screen quickly responded enlarging the image to fill the vid-screen.
    He switched on his comm again.
    “The green light you can see in this vid-recording has only just appeared within the last minute and seems to be making planet-fall from space. Perhaps it is a new weapon of the orks?”
    A short delay followed by a response from the outpost.
    “Unlikely. Our long range-scanners would have surely picked up any ork vessels. No… this thing seems to have evaded our scanners all the way to the surface, no ork vessel is capable of this.”
    Somehow this did remove Carter’s unease. Before Carter could gather his wits, the outpost sent another transmission.
    “Carter, I have just received Alpha-level data from Armageddon’s high command. The space blockade has just received a 30% casualty rate from a mere 3 alien vessels. To make things worse still one of the unknown attacking vessels has made planetfall. The green light you were seeing a moment ago was that vessel. Advise extreme caution until we can send a Valkyrie to extract you and your team. Well done on the early reporting sergeant Carter.”
    Carter took a moment to absorb all that had been said, then responded.
    “Understood, we will be ready for evac in a quarter 100th of a rotation, Carter out.”
    Carter stood up slowly and gazed out onto the horizon. Could he really be facing extraction after his first chance for action in 3 years? No. No he would not let it be. First he must inform his group of the situation. He would not let this opportunity for glory be taken from him so swiftly. Those who did not want to stay of course would be welcome to wait for the transport, after-all the punishment for ignoring orders of superiors in the imperial guard regiments is death. However, if Carter could just prove his worth, the imperial court would have to see the benefit of his actions. He would get his glory. No lowly outpost lieutenant or arcane alien device could scare him away from a challenge. After all, what nemesis could stand against the prescision and cunning of Sergeant Fletch Carter. As he began the march back to his camp, carter strode purposefully with hopes high, and ambition higher.

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    -- Yoda

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    Let me guess? Necrons attack? nice story, anyway.
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