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    Grim Angels - Different Chapter

    So im starting Space Marines when the new codex comes out and im trying to come up with some decent fluff to go along with my chapter. So its either going to be this chapter or my other one the Night Spiders. Tell me what you think of this one then tell me which you think is better. Or just read this one and tell me what you think. Thanks

    History: The history of the Grim Angels is one of sorrow and grief. The Grim Angels were originally called the Blade angels and were formed near the end of the cursed founding. After seeing the start of the horrible mutations and affects of previous chapters of the cursed founding the inquisition looked to develop a new chapter that was immune to chaos mutation and corruption. A chapter that would be formed in the light of the emperor and completely zealous in his teachings and the combat of the Codex Astares. The Geneseed was taken from the Ultamarines chapter as they had a nearly flawless history in combat doctrine and almost no signs of chaos mutation. Initiates were taken from worlds far from the eye of terror and that were strong in the teaching of the emperor. The Blade Angels Geneseed went through extensive gene conditioning and certain splicing to make it specifically resistant to mutation and corruption. The creation of the first 5 companies went without any flaw and the chapter was given the Battle Barge the Emperors Hope as the chapters head quarters. To their faith and loyalty to the emperor was without match and they were all trained to follow the codex Astares without divergence. Eager to test the Blade Angels might in war the highlords of terra with cooperation from the inquisition sent the Blade Angels on a long campaign against the Green Skins along the southern rim. The war was fierce and many prominent heroes rose throu the ranks of the Blade Angels. Foremost amongst these heroes was the Chapter Master Leperost . His unshakable courage and fierce zealous faith in the emperor had inspired the Blade Angels Chapter to unbelievable acts of courage and countless victories against the green tide.
    Having proved themselves of more advanced tasks the inquisition met with Master Leperost and briefed them on their next campaign. The Blade Angels were to fulfill their true purpose and be thrown into the fray with the forces of chaos near the eye of terror. Leperost obeyed eagerly, looking forward to bring the emperors wrath upon the blasphemous fiends. The Blade Angels were sent to the Lyrack system on the western edge of the eye of terror. All communication with the three inhabited worlds there had been lost for some time and chaos influence was suspected. The Blade Angels arrived to find two of the Lyrack worlds had fallen to the deadly Zombie Plague and the last world of Lyrack I was fighting for its life against an endless swarm of undead and a war host of Death guard, Nurgle had come to Lyrack. Acting rapidly the Blade Angels Deployed the first and second companies to Lyrack I while the other companies were to clean up Lyrack II and Lyrack III. Leperost personally landed on Lyrack I and set up a safe zone for the survivors and fought valiantly against the Death guard ground forces. There geneseed conditioning seemed to make the Blade Angels completely immune to the effects of Nurgles touch, but the Death Guard were no easy foe. The Reports indicated that the other two worlds were purged and cleaned of infection but with heavy losses on the Blade Angels side. 3rd, 4th, and 5th company were now well below half strength. Leperost ordered the remaining companies to reporst back to the Emperors Hope and consolidate their forces above Lyrack I. The Death guard forces dwindling and the Blade Angels skill apothecaries curing the sick and ill of Lyrack I, Leperost prepared on final assault against the Death Guard lord of Nurgle on his fleeing vessel. The Death Guard were cut down to a man but the first and second company both took heavy losses. It came down to a final duel between Leperost and the Lord of Nurgle. It was an epic duel Leperost fighting with a fury of attacks and righteous zeal while the Choas lord seemed to just take the blows in stride waiting for Leperost to tire out. Leperost would have none of it and cast down the Lord of Nurgle, but before casting the final blow the Lord of Nurgle spoke. “You think you can escape the kiss of Nurgle? You think you can escape chaos? Feel his Blessing and live forever!” In those final words the Lord of Nurgle exploded in a cloud of noxious gas. Coughing and wheezing Leperost and his guard left the vessel and returned to the Emperors Hope. It was when the Blade Angles were about to exit the system when the Plague took hold. The disease spread to everyone aboard in a matter of days. All the Blade Angels survivors began to change. It started with their senses. They lost their sense of taste and touch, their vision faded to black and white. The apothecaries tried as hard as they could to fight off the illness but there was no cure. It seemed the disease itself was not of biological nature but of the warp. The Marines skin grew pale and they started to develop a hunger that could not be sedated. The head apothecary Zaryl came before Leperost with his findings and delivered terrible news. It was a strain of the zombie Plague but almost engendered for Space marine DNA. The only good news that Zaryl could bring was that because of the Blade Angels gene conditioning the disease would never completely make the marines mindless zombies. They would still rot and decompose at a very slow rate and they would still hunger for flesh. The only way to slow the decomposition was to feed on living flesh. The space marines would all be the living dead. Sickened and terrified by the news Leperost held a meeting with his captains. He informed them of the entire situation and told them that they were to keep their oaths to the emperor. They would be hunter every were they went they would be seen as monsters. Leperost rewrote a new doctrine that all Blade Angels were to never feed on the flesh of the emperor’s servants instead they would turn their hunger upon the emperor’s foes devouring their impurity in the emperor’s name. Each and every one of the Blade Angels would work and fight for however long it took to find a cure for their ailment and bring honor back to the chapter.

    Current Doctrine: The Blade Angels have since changed their name to the Grim Angels in light of their current situation. They do not need to sleep, they do not feel pain, they do not fear death as they are already dead. They are Loyal servants to the emperor yet they are everything that the emperor fights against. They always fight from a distance to ensure that their desire for flesh does not take hold and they drop their guns and become mindless feeding machines. Those that do go to close combat are accompanied by chaplains so that they may maintain control thru the emperor’s litanies.
    The Grim Angels have been fighting to find a cure for their illness for hundreds of years. They never remove their armor when in the presence of the emperors servants lest they reveal there rotting flesh and undead visages. Over the years there state of decomposition has obviously grown at first cybernetic replacements were attempted but the nerve receptors would not respond to their undead flesh. Special apothecaries known as flesh knitters rose throw the ranks in order to graft limbs back together and attempt to keep the Marines from falling apart. Every unit of Grim Angels has a Flesh Knitter in it. The Grim Angels have no way of re supplying themselves from the mecahnicum and refuse to resort to any kind of piracy or looting. So their armor is pot marked and badly battle scared, their vehicles are damaged and have been clearly repaired multiple times. Leperost still leads the chapter to this day thou he is badly decomposed and has endured hundreds of flesh knitters flesh grafting he is still a mighty and zealous warrior who hopes to one day see the cure of his chapter, bother in health and in honor. Leperost only keeps his chapter to two companies because he wants to keep his chapter as small as possible while still having the strength to serve the emperor and find a cure. The Grim Angels will gladly fight the inquisition as they have seen their immoral and questionable methods they have used to hunt the Grim Angels. But they will always try to retreat rather than fight their brother space marine or imperial guardsmen.

    Indoctrination: The Grim Angels still return to Lyrack to recruit a few initiated on a rare occasion. It is seen as the ultimate sacrifice if a strong citizen of Lyrack volunteers to give himself to the Grim Angels for as soon as the chapter’s geneseed takes affect they are doomed to undeath. Only the strongest and most hardy individuals survive the transformation without becoming a mindless undead. Leperost himself is said to dispatch the failed initiates.

    Color and Symbol: They are a morbid black with grey highlights. There symbol are a weeping skull and there armor is battle worn and sometimes bits of their undead flesh can be seen.
    Battle Cry: They Grim Angels have no battle cry as they march to battle in unnerving silence. But it is believed that really there vocal cords are just too decomposed to let out a cry.

    Moto: ”In death we eternally serve… “

    2500pts Emperors Children
    1000pts Dark Eldar Cabal of Agony Eternal
    3000pts Tyranids

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    The fluff was nice and original. I haven't heard of zombie Space Marines who are loyal, like loyalist Death Guard...

    Now some proposals for correcting some spelling mistakes and make better differentiation of the sentences to be more easily readable. Like:

    Leperost would have none of it and cast down the Lord of Nurgle, but before casting the final blow the Lord of Nurgle spoke.
    “You think you can escape the kiss of Nurgle? You think you can escape chaos? Feel his Blessing and live forever!” In those final words the Lord of Nurgle exploded in a cloud of noxious gas.

    Something like that... or a blank line between two sentences would be nice...

    I like the use of English words!
    Thanks to all the people showing faith in me

    I sometimes feel that everyone will leave me and they will be on their own...

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