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    blades of defiance

    During the horus heresy when sanguines fell , his chapter were grieved by there loss. The blood angels had lost their primarch that they had loved so much but eventually fought on in his memory. The Blades Of Defiance could not forget about there fallen primarch and were driven crazy by the pictures in there head over and over seeing sanguines fall to the ground as horus stood over his body and laughed. The blades of defiance swore to sanguines that they would seek revenge on Horus and and his chapter. As the god emperor killed Horus there main target was abbadon the warmaster of the once called sons of Horus. The chapter master of The Blades Of Defiance captain farius led his chapter into battle against abbadons legion of chaos just over the world of Mirius. The battle went on for months abbadon pushing the marines further and further back, farius new that defeat was near but could not give up he ordered for his ship to be readied and he plummeted into the planet of mirius. For 3 days the captain led his forces into wave after wave of daemons and corrupt marines, after the 3rd day had passed farius had broken the chaos lines and were storming Abbadons stronghold, with victory in his sight Farius saw Abbadon in combat off in the distance he saw him swinging his daemon weapon and crushing menís skulls with his mighty claw a chill went up fariusís spine and he started his jump pack he flew through the air and landed about 5 metres away from Abbadon he raised his weapon in fury and entered combat with him the 2 duelled for what felt like hours but then Abbadon knocked fariusís power scythe from his hand and place his sword at his throat just when Abbadon was to end the fight a frag grenade went of about 3 metres from the 2 blowing them both off there feet, marines carried Farius back to the ship and gave him to the medics to look after abbadon stood up unskaved by the grenade and walked to his ship seeing the battle lost and fled. When farius awoke he awoke in a rampage angry that he had let him get away and swore once again that he would track Abbadon down and hold his head high in front of sanginesís tomb and then and only then would he feel he has done his duty.
    Planet: the Blades of defiance stayed on mirius trying to track Abbadon and his legion.
    War cry: for sanguines !!!!!!
    (blood angel rules)
    c and c welcome

    Imperial falcons

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    Use a spellcheck. Don't use netspeak. Use proper paragraphs.

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