I am presently Gming a game of Dark Heresy Being a fan of Eisenhorn I thought it would be cool to post the present adventures of my own dabblings with the Inquisition.

Any comments or suggesstions for future developments of the story line appreciated.

The Acolyites
Zarkov-A Hardline Member of Adeptus Arbites
Severenna-An unremarkable looking Assassin. Her skill with the sword however is anything bu unremarkable.
Ennis-A tough underhive scummer. An Ex-Spook addict, looking for respect.
Mir-A Feral World Guardsman.
Jericas-A Void born Psyker. Its not paranioa when they galaxy is out to get you. haunted by dreams of the King who Never Was

Cold Sun, Rough Sky
Session 1
The Acoyltes are briefed by Inquisitor Saul Narasay who informs that an operative of the Inquisition (Fendon Shol) has been stranded on the icy death world of Darantic. The Acolyites are chosen to go to the planet and aquire Shol and more importantly whatever information he has.

Session 2
After their pilot Lt Saineco informs them that the storms around the crash site make landing impossible the Acoyltes are forced to land at a nearby Imperial Fort and trek across the frozen wastes.

A few navigation/wildlife 'difficulties' and 3 days later and the Acolyites are camped about 300m away from the crash site observing the natives (the Darantith) who seemed to have set up a settlement around the campsite.

Session 3
The Acoyltes decide that half the team should distract the natives by letting off as much fire power in their direction as possible while a couple of them sneak in the back way (And when I say the back way I mean jump over the wall) and extract Shol.

The plan works reasonably well (Aside from one hairy moment involving a guardsman at point blank range, an angry Ogryn, a declaration that "I literally can't miss", and a jammed lasgun....). The two Acolyites who went in to get Shol discover that he is dying but they do find a few useful clues

1)The words Kri-Kren smeared in blood on the wall of the shuttle.
2) With his last breath Shol gives the words Alti Yoshno and Esteven Joyce.
3) The Acoyltes also find a data ring on Shols finger.

One quick exit (well quicker than the tribesmen) later and the Acoyltes are heading back to their Inquisitorial HQ of Grey Reach on Bellafrax.

Fear and Loathing in Kri-Kren.

Upon arriving back at Grey Reach the Acoyltes are debriefed by Interrogator Seer Aristarchus. Aristarchus hears what the Acoyltes have to say forthemselves and instructs them to continue the investigation.

They learn that Kri-Kren is a Hive City on the world of Amnar. Alti Yoshno is a retired General and Esteven Joyce is an old (and long dead) war hero.

The data ring is analyised and amongst other things the name of a contact Gregor Hassan is discovered.

Session 4
After a fairly uneventful journey the Acolytes arrive on Amnar and are flown to Kri-Kren by Saineco. They soon learn that Alti Yoshno has been murdered in his own apartment. The murder took place some three days before they arrived

The Acolyites decide to split up with Jericas and Zarkov investigating the Generals murder while the rest of the team try to make contact with the Screaming Angels, an underhive clan who apparently have pro-Imperial tendancies. The second team ultimatly are looking for Gregor Hassan.

Zarkov discovers that the authorities on Kri-Kren don't seem to keen to pry too deeply into the General's death and it has fallen on the Arbites to investigate. Zarkov makes himself known to Diomedes Kalagathoi the Arbitrator investigating the murder.

Diomedes points out that Yoshno was killed in his shrine just as he had finished praying. The weapon was energy based but is unlike any weapon he has come across before.

Jericas locates a safe which is guarded with a psychic ward.

Inside was an Account book. Preliminary investigation indicated that the General was being paid very large sums of money stretching back 14 months. In the past three months there were large increases in the amounts paid.

There were also Deeds of Priority giving the General security over investments and loans in the Pheldon Guild House.

There was a reciept for the Kall-Vek Warrior Lodge. Apparently the General used their services some four months ago.

Finally there was a diary that indicated that the General had been meeting very regularly with Hyden Thorn the Munitions Facilitator at the War Foundry.

Zarkov was able to find another diary that gave a list of previous appointmetns, This was found in Alti Yoshno's office and was not locked away. It indicated that the General met with a Marcos Blanc about a month before he was killed. Marcos Blanc was the alias for Fendon Shol.

Finally upon inquirey it was discovered that the area around the apartment was covered with survelliance equipment which recorded nothing coming in. The data logs on the window of the apartment indicated that it had not been opened.

Diomedes promised to make the autopsey report readily available and have a Tech-Priest look over the data logs for the window.

Meanwhile, Mir, Ennis and Sevrena have made the journey down to the lower levels of the Middle Hive and into known Screaming Angels territory.

Upon flashing his Inquisitorial Rosette Ennis discovers that the Screaming Angels main haunt is a drinking hole called Peraguns Cathedral.

Inside the learn that Gregor Hassan is the supplier for a local drug dealer called Zatch Ri. An old Angels veteran called Zacharihas agrees to be the Acolyites guide to meet Zatch.

Zatch is willing to point the Acolyites towards Gregor, but is keen to make sure his name isn't mentioned, obviously thinking the acolyites motives towards Gregor are less than savoury.

Apparently Gregor Hassan can be found in the Esteven Joyce, a bar in the underhive settlement of Melarurth.

Zatch gives the Acolyites one final warning, to bring weaponry if entering Melarurth as the Screaming Angels and their rivals the Red Blades are in a conflict centered around Melarurth and apparently involving Gregor Hassan.

Session 5
Next day, Zarkov, Sevrena and Lt Saineco travel to the Adebtus Arbites Halls of Justice to investigate the Account Books and Deeds of Priority found in Alti Yoshno's apartment in greater detail and with the aid of the adepts at the Arbites HQ.

The rest of the group concoct a cover story as an excuse to gain entrance to and investigate the Kell Vek Warrior Lodge, located in a area of the Upper Hive.

They meet with Marias Kell Vek. She informs the group that while the warrior lodge is willing to provide a number of specialised services to its clients she is unable to reveal its clients without payment.

The group decide to leave the Warrior Lodge and investigate Hyden Thorn the Munitions Facilitator. They decide that now is the time to show some authority and commandeer a squad of Arbites.

They discover that Hyden Thorn is preparing new foundry space under the Munitions Block.

Hyden Thorn is reluctant to accompany the Acolyites and makes a break for it, but not before setting three combat servitors and some underhive scum on the Acolyites. BAcked up by the Arbites Hyden Thorns lackies are no match for the forces of the Imperium who capture the (by now surely heretical) Munitions Facilitator alive.

Using a number of methods including psychic powers the Acolyites are able to interrogate Hyden Thorn who reveals that he was grew up in the underhive and was approached many years ago by Xerxes Klymore. Klymore helped Hyden gain his apprenciship with the Munitions Block and in due course Hyden Thorn became Munitions Facilitator.

Klymore then paid Hyden Thorn to begin delivering weapons to an underhive location called Dead Metal House. This continued for about 20 years.

About 14 months ago the General Alti Yoshno discovered this arrangement and decided he wanted in. He began delivering more and more weapons and even arranged for new foundry space to be built specifically for this purpose.

Hyden Thorn claimed he didn't know why the General was killed.

Session 6

While Mir, Jericas and Ennis are at the War Foundry taking the corrupt Hyden Thorn into custody Sevrena Zarkov and Lt Saineco have gone to the Adeptus Arbites Halls of Justice to meet with Diomedes Kalagathoi and review the evidence found in Alti Yoshno's apartment. Particularly the account books.

They discover that payments were made from an underhive bank in RothRock to the Ai-Kren Royal Banking House.

Payments were stopped about a week before the General was murdered.

The Acolyites then take a look at the body of Yoshno which has been kept in a statis vault in the Arbites mourge.

Examination reveals that the General was killed by a precision energy blast to the chest which upon penetration exploded inside the chest. The nature of the wound would normally suggest a bolt weapon of some kind but the lack of shrapnel and the extreme heat the internal chest cavity was subjected to indicates plasma burns.

A Tech-Priest explained that although in theory such weaponry is available to the Imperium in practice such technology is very hard to reproduce. The Tech Priest asked that if the weapon was found it be returned to the Adeptus Mechanicus as it surely shouold belong to the Priesthood of Mars.

Back in the War Foundry Jericas discovers that hundreds perhaps thousands of items of Imperial spec weaponry is being moved through Dead Metal House and on to another underhive source.

Dead Metal House is in theory a legitimate coroporation run partially by the Adeptus Mechanicus partially by independant parties to dispose of unwanted machinery.

As Jericas, Mir and Ennis are about to leave Munitions Block 4 with Hyden Thorn in custody, they learn that the Belle-Vek run hydrotorium in the settlement is being attacked by well armed underhivers, who seem more interested in damaging the secondary systems rather than breaking into the main water storage areas of the hydrotorium. Arbite and Magistratum forces respond to the attack.

The Acolyites meet to discuss the evidence they had found.

They come to the conclusion that they are no closer to finding out why Fendon Shol aka Marcus Blanc was murdered but they feel sure that there must be some connection to the death of Alti Yoshno and the attacks on the Hydrotoriums and the water shortages.

Mir raised the possibility that the underhivers were attacking the hydrotoriums with the intention of forcing the Bell-Vek and Stompardo families to give up their respective water supply and security contracts

Zarkov felt that Pheldon Guild House was some how involved.

Serena thought it possible that Alti Yoshno's murderer came through the window using a hover vehicle of some kind. If the data logs on the Hive Wall window were altered this would be the most obvious way in.

During this discussion Jericas was visited by Marias Kell-Vek who explained that she believed that he was working exclusivly for the Adeptus Arbites. THe Kell Vek warrior lodge had no desire to obstruct an Arbites investigation but still had to protect their own integrity.

She said that she would be willing to divulge information about Alti-Yoshno's involvement with the Warrior Lodge of Jericas used his Arbites connection to cover up the Warrior Lodges involvement in the murder of an Imperial Cult Bishop.

After consultation with the rest of the group Jericas agreed. After the appropriate steps had been taken Marias revealed that Alti Yoshno had hired the Kell Vek warrior lodge to organise a scout team to enter the underhive a bring back information to him. This was about 4 months ago. Just before the increase in payments made to Alti Yoshno

Marias didn't know the exact nature of this mission she simply assembled an appropriate team.

However about a week or so before the General died all four members of the scout team were attacked in different locations and three were killed.
Cause of death was varied.

The sole survivor was Luchiona Abole who was sturck in the abdomen by a plasma blast similar to that used to kill the general. She fell off a walkway and struck hewr head suffering severe mental tramua.

The Kell Vek Warrior Lodge arranged for her to be re-located to a sanitorium.

The Acolyites visited the asylum and saw Abole but recieved little information. She merely kept repeating that the 'grief will end' and the 'shadow that crawls' and that 'the shadow lives inside all men'.

Finally she began repeating a list of seemingly random names.

The Acolyties decided that it was time to venture into the underhive and go to RothRock before heading to Melarurth and meeting with Gregor Hassan.

After equpping themselves for the gruelling three day journey to RothRock the Acolyites set out.

Fear and Loathing in Kri-Kren Part II
After travelling for several hours through numerous abandoned service pipes led by the dubious navigation skills of Ennis the Acolyites descend into an old hab black stren with rubble. The fires of a settlement burn off in the distance.

Session 7

The Acolyites approach the fires and realise it is the product of a series of bonfires piled high with human carcases. They also noted that the simple ash block hab units of the settlement seemed more rundown than expected. Even for the underhive. Very quickly it became apparent that the only inhabitants were crazed junkies who Severena noted were Khan-Edge addicts. Khan-Edge being a dangerous combat drug banned throughout the galaxy.

The Khan-Edge users seemed desperate to get their next fix and began gathering around the players. Even as this situation threatened to turn ugly Mir noticed some shady looking characters lurking amongst the ruins of the ash block huts. Withing seconds a blazing fire fight had erupted
between the faithful servants of the Inquisition and some dangerous underhive dregs. The dregs while not particularly skilled were armed with autopistols and flak armour. Jericas and Mir both noted that they seemed similar to the underhivers that had attacked the Hydrotorium.

During the fight a bolt of plasma energy shot out from the darkness above them hitting Jericas in the chest with only his armour keeping him upright. Even as the Acolyites searched for the sniper another caught Mir in the head.

Ennis suffered a series of jams while his oppoinent was unable to hit him even at point blank range and a vicious brawl ensued which ended with the underhiver dreg taking a low blow from the more experienced scummer and then being rolled into the bonfire

A psychic response from Jericas and a hail of laser fire from Mir saw the sniper fall to the ground. Amazingly he was still alive despite the onslaught and he looked to make his escape.

Severnna and Mir gave chase while Zarkov finished off the final underhive dreg.

An ill timed shot by Mir struck a Khan-Edge junkie who turned on the group. At the same time Severenna cauight up with and dispached the would be assassin.

Even as the group and especially Mir began to be mobbed by junkies a group of patrolling watchmen arrived and cleared off the Khan-Edge users.

They told the group that they had orders to purge all Khan-Edge users, as was standard practice in the sector.

The Acolyites recovered a strange weapon from the dead sniper who they saw was a man with a shaved head and an angry deameanor (even in death). The weapon seemed to be a very heavily modified las gun.

The group got directions foor RothRock and learned they were quite away off track. They needed to journey through the settlement of Low Steel.

The journey while unpleaseant taking them further through the abject poverty of the underhive was more or less uneventful. Eventually they came into the large hab dome that housed the Imperial controlled settlement of RothRock.

The Acolyites joined the large crowd of Guilders underhivers merchants and drifters who had gathered outside the settlement in hope of getting access to the settlements water.

Session 8

THe Acolyites decided discretion was better than drawing attention to themselves and they patiently waited in line to reach the front of the crowd looking to enter RothRock.

As they began to pass through the gates Jericas noted an unsanctioned psyker and some underhivers preparing to ambush a Bell-Vek Family Water Hauler. Acting with speed and precision the Acolyites thwarted the raid and captured the psyker. When the local Arbites arrived a moment of indiscretion by JEricas led to them being arrested. They learnt later however that the psyker who went by the name of Spider, had been taken to traitors block (a place of execution) and been shot.

Within an hour of being thrown in the cells the Acolyites were called before Justicar Socrates Then, who had verified that they were in fact working for the Inquistion.

He told them that he had recived by a secure delivery method a package for them.

The package a large black box contained a report by Lt Saineco telling them that Pheldon Guild House had been attacked using a Medusea X-57 siege weapon. These weapons are extremly rare and their unathourised use represented a serious escalation in the current investigation.

There was also a report that indicated that the owner of Dead Metal House, Xerxes Klymore was in fact a dangerous HereTek

The group followed up the lead they had discovered in the upperhive and went to RothRock underhive bank. They learnt that Klymore had set up the account to deposit money into Alti Yoshno's account.

The Acolyites also learned that the Bell-Vek Family had been stripped of their contract to supply water due to their incompetance. A new Family had yet to be chosen.

Commandeering members of the Arbites, local magistratium watchmen and hiring Stompardo gangers the Acolyites set off to Dead MEtal House which they quuickly realised that despite being under the nominal control of the Adeptus Mechanicus was being left to fall into disrepair.

They met with Cicero Balgati a Mech Deacon who ran Dead Metal House. After a brief conversation and being threatened with arrest by Zarkov the Mech Deacon confessed that he knew what Xerxes had been doing but as he had previously lost his faith in the Omnissiah he had let it continue. Xerxes had been taking the weapon delivered from Munitions Block 04 and passing them onto Velojan gangers. Others were sent further into the underhive to a place called Griefs End.

Folowing this confession Cicero declared that he would die a member of the Mechanicus and proceeded to terminate himself in a rather grusome manner.

The Acolyites resolved to put the Arbites on notice of the investigation and to travel to Melarurth to finally meet with Gregor Hassan.