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Thread: Kroot Fluff

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    Kroot Fluff

    Im building a new table for Tau, and decided base it off of Pech. Though Im not to familiar with Kroot fluff, how they live, there religion and so on. All that I really know I got from the Kroot wiki and things like it. Which is not really much.

    So any info on the Kroot would be helpful, but the main points to address is what there housing looks like, how many Kroot live in one area. What materials are they capable builders with (hoping to make some stone structures, with a Kroot flair). Where do they worship, what are the main points of there religion (besides consuming warriors), what do there gods look like (I wish to make a mural or something to deal with them).

    Also any info on Pech would be useful, such as the flora and fauna of the planet (Im thinking of a jungle). Any indigenous creatures that area usually found on Pech would also be nice.

    Thanks for the help in advance.

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    Petch is mostly jungle, as I understand it, but I'd guess there are different habitats which different kindreds have adapted to over time.

    Some guy on the US GW site made a kroot village using cardboard tents.. That's not official, but it's one idea. That said, Kroot have highly developed technology (stolen from orks,) so I wouldn't be surprised if they have cities too. Perhaps massive tent cities, or even cities built into the branches of trees.

    Stone is likely not that popular, Kroot are hunters, be it for survival or sport, so it makes sense that they need to be able to move when needs be in search of prey.

    Most indigenous creatures on Petch are derived from the Kroot themselves, Krootforms have taken over much of the ecosystem thanks to their adaptive ability.

    Kroot are ancestor worshipers, and thus don't have gods. More likely, natural features like special trees or small, constructed shrines would become the focus of ancestor cults. You might get looted weapons and precious offerings piled up around certain natural shrines and features, but it's unlikely they'll be making monumental images.

    Kroot who picture their ancestors would likely portray them as kroot, that's what they are after all..

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