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    Eldar Sun Raiders Army Fluff

    The Sun Raiders are piratical corsair eldar that have no discrimination against who they pillage. They hail from their desert homeworld Craidle, where sand covers everything save the two oceans, the Ancestor Ocean is where they toss the ashes of the few that die among them and is the smaller of the two, being only a third of the size of the other, which nearly covers half the planet, and the reflected light acts as a sun to the habitable moon on which the government is, having two suns means that the moon is almost always bright and humid,and contrary to Craidle, the Craidle government moon is full of lush rainforests and exotic life.

    The Sun Raiders are named so because of the qualities of their homeworld and their distinct style of piracy, utilising silent ships to land before mobilising fast and sneaky jetbike units and rangers to surprise attack, slaughtering all that oppose them and taking anything of value before leaving the ship or city a lifeless husk, raiding.

    They are highly tactical in their first strike but then they simply search individually to find anything and get it to the autarch that leads them for reward. their armour is gold and bone, with characteristically purple gems that are mined on Craidle, and the oil-like substances they use to power their vehicles often give off eerie green or red glows and blues and purples have also been reported when the machines are stressed or on high strength oil or particularly potent gem-power.

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