I am looking to expand on my army and have gotten my first idea on what to do. I like fluff and the "Masters of the Chapter" models caught my eye and i am going to be picking them up and incorperating them into my army, and being the crasy guy i am i want to make company masters for every company. I am doing my own custom chapter and i have not worked out all the bugs in my design yet. My main problem is trying to name them and what equiment would make them stand out.

I will own the models in the "Masters of the Chapter", Box soon as well i am going to be modeling the Chapter master myself.

Here is a list of what my idea will look like in the end.

Chapter Master - Master Burling(after myself ofcorse)
1st Company - Master ? (in Termi armor)
2ed Company - Master of the Watch (in the box set)
3rd Company - Master of the Arsenal (in the box set)
4th Company - Master of the Fleet (in the box set)
5th Company - Master ? (still a battle company so.....)
6th Company - Master ? (6th and 7th being reserve i am drawing a blank)
7th Company - Master ?
8th Company - Master ? (being the assault company something about that?)
9th Company - Master ? (the devastator company)
10th Company - Master of the Recruits (in the box set)

Thanks in advance and any help would be most welcome.