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    Æsirien 124th Fluff

    Hey guys I got a tiny bit of fluff for you critics out there! Please read and tell me what I need to do to it.

    Thxs guys, also my IG army list is in there. As the fluff was meant to introduce my army list.

    After that big space is my document. I couldn't attach it. It's to big and I dont know how to do it on a URL so feel free to edit it you moderators.

    This scripture has been commissioned by our Lord Marshall Ulf Yngvarsson, in these exact words:
    “Scribe Eyvind we should have lost Borjin III. Find out and document who or what stopped the Great Enemy. Have it to me in three days if you value your exalted position.”

    [Seeing as the Lord Marshall dearly wanted this information, Scribe Eyvind collected this information as quickly as he could. So, a few mistakes should be allowed because of the scribes hurried pace.]

    Those responsible for turning the Great Enemy away was an Imperial Guard force known as the Æsirien 124th. They apparently are infantry heavy as opposed to an armored regiment; which might me assumed due to the number of Traitors they fought back. The 124th does have a few tanks but not many, their main armament would be the infamous Mjolnir. Mjolnir is a Baneblade with a Hellhammer cannon. The Æsirien 124th was not initially issued a Baneblade, but for some unknown* reason they were assigned one by an Inquisitor Lordess. Here is a list of those brave soldiers who repelled the Traitors:

    [Although Scribe Eyvind fails to mention that the army had many more soldiers before this battle, we can safely assume that there were far more before this costly victory.]

    Cadian Command Squad
     1 Officer
     1 Medic
     1 Standard Bearer
     2 Guardsman
     1 Vox-Op

     1 Bolt Pistol
     1 Power Sword
     1 Street Legion (Bolt Pistol, Power Sword)

    Cadian Kasrkin
     10 Cadian Kasrkins (Sergeant, Trooper with grenade launcher)
     1 Melta
     1 Plasma Gun

    Imperial Guard Armor
     2 Chimeras
     1 Hellhound
     2 Leman Russ Battle Tank
     1 Basilisk
     1 Baneblade

    Heavy Weapon Teams
     1 Rocket Team (SL)
     1 Heavy Bolter Team (SL)
     1 Lascannon Team (SL)

    Misc Troopers.
     2 Grenadiers
     1 Squad of Street Legion (10 Troops, Will be my Vets)
     60 Troopers (option to make Sergeant and Special Weapons)

    This is the force responsible for our victory.

    Scribe Eyvind

    *The reason for the 124ths accusation of a Baneblade is known. Commissar Drjug Hallgrimsson had met this particular Inquisitor and they became fond of each other. Apparently, the Commissar was able to get the Inquisitor to transfer a Baneblade from another company. The transfer is documented on Mars, feel free to check if you wish

    [End of document]

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