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    Keen Quietus redaux

    Old fluff: (Keen Quietus)


    Called heretic by some and saviours by others.The Keen Quietus(learned death) tread the fine line of damnation.They take in those deemed unfit for other chapters and forge them into a force of unseen ferocity.Their chapter master is rumored to have turned to the dark powers,but investigation by the inquisition have failed to substantiate this blasphemous slur.
    To become a member initiates are required to learn and transcribe an ancient tome taken from the chapter crypt.Those with the gift of psi are given ranking position to better serve their battle brothers.

    Battle cry:nostrum scientia est vestri fatum (our knowledge is your doom)

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    Pretty much fine, except for the "remnants of lost Chapters". There were about fifty to eighty such, total, over last ten millennia.
    And the one ones that would qualify would be the ones suffering from irrecoverable battle losses - about thirty in all.
    So that part needs adjusting.

    Their chapter master is rumored to have turned to the dark powers,but frequent visits by the inquisition have failed to substantiate this blasphemous slur.
    Rumours either apply to the Chapter in general or are too well proven to be rumours.
    Inquisition would not waste their time with frequent repeated checks on the same Chapter - they check once, issue a verdict and move on. If there were too many reports indicating any sort of corruption or heresy going on in the Chapter, the -][- wouldn just "visit". They'd arrive in force to run a lengthy - and quite possibly painful - investigation on the entire Chapter, backed up by a large force of Grey Knights or Sisters of Battle (depending on whether it's Ordo Malleus or Ordo Hereticus performing the investigation).
    Of course, if someone is found to be repeatedly feeding the -][- false reports, a similar investigation might arrive at their own doorstep...
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