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    Gruei'chor's Daemonic Cohort


    After posting my army list in the 40k Chaos Daemon section ( ), I thought about trying to work a bit of fluff for it since it's a pretty unusual army. I juggled with a few ideas, and here's one of them...

    Captain Juan Pedro Hernonsa rested in his ship's cabin bed.

    On this long voyage from his homeland of Tilea to the lustrous jungles of Lustria, his mind could not help but wander on all that this New World promised him. Yes, he had heard numerous stories about his destination, and that was exactly what had prompted him to assemble his crew of rag-tag mercenaries. After a while, he fell asleep…

    …and dreamt.

    He dreamt about fighting ferocious battles against the fearless lizardmen army, he dreamt about the riches he would find in hidden temples, he dreamt about the exotic and dangerous plant life and he dreamt about the upcoming adventure he was in, one that would without a doubt make him a different man than he is…

    Unbeknownst to him, at this very moment, his mind met a fleeting rip in the Warp.

    On the other side, the daemon known as Gruei’chor felt this wind of reality entering his domain, situated deep in the Formless Wastes. And on this wind, a wisp of raging battles, of unashamed greed, of poisonous and putrid jungle and of wishes of change and transcendence! All around him, daemons started congregating, to try to take the opportunity of travelling to the material realm. And so, due to the very nature of the Warp and as if they were resonating with each of their patron god’s original energy, the daemons started to take the shape of the inhabitants of the leaking dream.

    Bloodletters revelled in their new reptilian appearance, eager to shed even more blood with their weapons. Horrors momentarily took the shape of small, sleek lizardmen, only to morph into another shape. Lumbering Beasts of Nurgle split their disease-ridden skin as they identified themselves with the poison-spiting Salamanders. And even more daemons were so changed.

    And as quickly as it opened, the rift closed. Gruei’chor was content that his long machinations were at least coming at fruitition. Since time and space had no meaning in the Warp, when yet another rift was breached unto the mortal realm, it was to open the way to an incursion like no other before. Under his command and leadership, he would lead and coordinate his mixed daemon cohort to new victories and spread his name among the stars, so he could reap new power for himself. And so it began…


    I know I've left some holes and mysteries in this background fluff, I guess it'll become more precise with time :)

    (EDIT: Due to the lack of responses and interest, I'm hanging my fluff writer's hat. You can all move along now :) )

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