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    Space Wolves, and Tau. My Armies

    I have 1000pts tau, 1000pts space wolves. This will be a discussion on the possibility to feild them together (against a 2000pts army. obviously)

    Aside from being my only way of feilding 2000pts of models if I were to be up against a 2000pt army, It would be nice, to have a fluff reason.

    I'll start with the fluff.

    The tau are obviously open to working with the wolves, so the onus is on justifying the wolves agreeing.

    The space wolves are by and large considered to be the most divergent of the loyalist capters from the codex astartes, and operate and make their decisions largely on their own beliefs and attitudes rather than those of the imperium at large. Potentially, they may not necessarily be subject to the "kill tau on sight just for being xenos" attitude of the imperium, and they would likely make their own decision on that count (i'm not saying they automatically like the tau, i'm saying there's the potential possibility of them not hating them by default)

    The space wolves have their most wanted list of rivals, arch-rivals, and adversaries, on which the tau are nowhere near the top. Against any of these armies, an alliance (temporary or otherwise, or even simply a "just shoot the same enemy") with the tau is quite justifiable.

    Acutally listed in the codex (as a special rule "blood feud") are the dark angels and thousand sons. They harbour a millenia long hatred of the thousand sons, as well as an equally long bitter rivalry with the dark angels. If not expressly allying with tau, they could simply be directing attacks on the more "priority" enemy. As an astartes chapter, especially a founding one right from the time of the horus heresy, they would in fact have a deep-seeded hatred of all traitor legions (so not just the thousand sons) and would fight them over the tau any day.

    The space wolves, namely the wolf lord logan grimnar really dislike the inquisition. Against inquisition, quite viable if reasoned properly.

    Necrons, tryanids, orks, no brainer

    So far, that's CSM, Dark Angels, Inquisition, Necrons, Tyranids, Orks. Opponents which are very viable options to field the 2 armies together against. If you have any ideas for the rest, any better ideas than what i wrote, or just a "universal" reason to permanently ally them and field them against anyone, I'd love to hear.

    On to the technical stuff

    rules-wise and gameplay-wise there should be little problem. It could, in a way, be seen as 2 players fielding 1000pts each, both against a 2000pts army. Only in this case, one person (me) controls both elements.

    BOTH armies adhere to the FOC, EACH have their 2 troop 1 HQ minimum met. And, here's the intersting and convenient part, both armies TOGETHER fit in 1 FOC. So from any angle, it's not really a far-fetched or illegal matchup in the army composition department.

    One potential crinkle in this, which is easily remedied, is the HQ situation. The tau have 1 HQ, the Space Wolves have 2. That's 3 in total. However, it's a special rule for space wolves to have a specific number of HQs depending on the size of the army and not the FOC. If for some reason the opponent still doesn't agree with this force having 3 HQs, the space wolf venerable dreadought can easily count as an Elite rather than HQ. that puts the force at 2 HQs and 3 Elites; perfectly within a single FOC.

    So, that's it. Going back to why I wrote all this in the first place; I'd like to hear suggestions and fluff ideas on how to make this matchup work. So there's my question to you all.

    *note: if your response is something like "this won't work becuase of such and such", or you're just pointing out holes in what i wrote, then don't bother posting, because it's not like you're gonna discourage me from using my own armies. What i'm looking for is acutal ideas and suggestions, or improvements on my reasons. In other words, keep it constructive!

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