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    The Puzzle of Tzeentch

    The Puzzle of Tzeentch
    Part one, Fluff

    “The sound of bolt fire could be heard miles away as the empty bodies of armour marched forward. Amenophis opened a book and read out loud a passage.

    “Tu’sek devon emephoreh to leapored
    En’sek urah devon to leapored oh hai
    En chant gorek leapored
    To veon hiss devon leapored vass den
    Reaphon ven crucible mehn Tzeentch!”

    He had barely finished the last word before streams of blue and yellow thunder shot out from each of his fingers upon his outstretched arm.
    Burnt guardsmen fell to the ground as Amenophis and his rubrics continued forward marching powerfully towards the ancient museum. He turned around to find a blackened path of ruined buildings and dead humans, all of which he and his eight rubrics had created on their path of annihilation.

    The large door to the gothic-looking museum opened as a small group of bald madmen walked out holding a large piece to a puzzle.
    “S… Sire, I heard your voice in my dream, and collected this, just as you asked!” One of the timid men stuttered.

    “Good” Amenophis said, looking deep in thought. And with this, two of the rubrics collected the puzzle piece while another one of the rubrics mercilessly shot the heretics down.

    “I need not more slaves or sorcerers to accompany me, yet” Amenophis said to himself as he turned his back on the museum and walked back to his ship”

    The scribe was writing frantically onto the parchment; his hand a mere blur to the naked eye.

    “That should do for now, scribe” Amenophis smiled. He knew it was only a matter of time before he found the next three pieces to his puzzle.

    “Odd isn’t it” A voice sprung up from behind Amenophis. It was Amun Ksar, A great sorcerer Amenophis had found during his travels. A questioning look emerged from the helmet less face of Amenophis.
    “Odd that when all of the black magic from this planet was sealed in this, once blank, puzzle the symbol of ‘The Changer’ emerges.” Ksar continued.

    Amenophis laughed, trying not to think about Ksar’s comment.
    “You mean to say that I was wrong in helping achieve Ahriman’s Rubric?”
    “No, no, no, my lord, only that maybe we should seek forgiveness from the great Magnus…”
    “Perhaps… But he would never accept out pleas of forgiveness”

    Ksar nodded and simply looked ahead as the twelfth piece of the puzzle was zapped into place. The magical aurora surrounding the puzzle grew once more before the search for the last three pieces commenced.

    Stay tuned for the next bit! and thanks for reading, sorry I'm no author.

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    A cool start. Keep us updated!

    One thing though, is Ksar a Thousand Sons Sorcerer or a human with exceptional psychic powers?

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