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Iron Guard

After the tragedy on Isstvan V the remaining Iron Hands and citizens, because of the clans started to separate once more. The clans urged citizens and Astartes to join a clan. They installed a deep hatred of weakness that spread like wild fire.

Some believed that the Clans should unite and become a single entity. They wanted to unite the Clans and organize the work force and military. With all resources put together they would be able to rebuild the Iron Hands hastily.

After five years of hard negotiations they realized that the Clans would never unite, so they demanded for a battle barge so that they could make a life for themselves away from Medusa. The Clans seeing them as potentially another clan gave them a battle barge and two strike cruisers. When they left Medusa they took with them eight percent of the marines and six percent of the population. The Clans called it the “Final Cleansing” sending the weakest among them away from Medusa forever.

After around twenty years they settled on a small planet in Sengmentum Pacificus called Volan. Volan is located between the Sabbat Worlds and Macharia. The planet is one continent separated by rivers that run in every direction into one small ocean. Volan has one mountain that runs in five different directions making a complete circle around the planet. Because of the mountain’s length they named it after the Great Silver Wyrm that Ferrus Manus defeated, Asirnoth.

In less than a century Volan becomes extremely efficient economically. Volan has a surplus of wealth because of trading with nearby planets. Volan establishes a powerful relationship with nearby Forge World Urdesh. Volan provides Urdesh with precious metals from Asirnoth, while Urdesh make weapons, agricultural devices, and ships for Volan.

The Astartes and the Army was able to build the fortress-monastery swiftly. The fortress was built at the center of Asirnoth where all five sections of the mountain connects. The monastery is embedded into the mountain and is divided into three sections. The bottom section is the main base for the Imperial Guard on Volan. The second part serves as an armory where tanks, weapons, and ships of both the Imperial Guard and Astartes are maintain. The top is where the Astartes live, their librarium, relics, and labs are all in this portion of the monastery.

To recruit, twice a year each city sends their worthy young men to travel to a Unity’s Peak (the other region on the planet where the five sections of the mountain connect). In order to be accepted as an Iron Guard the group of recruits must travel from Unity’s Peak to the fortress-monastery. The voyage across Asirnoth is dangerous the oxygen thin because of high altitudes, the temperatures often below zero,fatal gust of winds, and limited sources of food makes this trip nearly impossible. Stamina, will, and strength are all tested during the trial.

Although unknown to the population you are actually penalize for completing the journey alone. If you are the only one to make it to the monastery, you receive special training to become a commissar for the Imperial Forces of Volan. Only the select few who show unity by completing the voyage with others, receive the chance to become an Iron Guard. The group, usually two or three, go through the entire process of becoming a space marine together. If one dies during the transformation process than the others in his group are considered unworthy to become space marines and are executec. After a group of neophytes have proven they are ready to receive their armor they must complete one final test.

The group of neophytes are separated, one neophyte travels east while one travels west, and if there is another neophyte he travels north along Asirnoth. The thought of re-uniting with their brother drives the neophytes across the planet with remarkable speed. The neophytes eventually reunites with their brother (using their improved senses to find each other) usually at Unity’s Peak, where they learn the Emperor’s meaning of unity.

Once back at the monastery the neophytes go into a dark room where their armor is on display by candle light. A light shines on the face of the chaplain as he ask the new marines routine questions that they answer mechanically. Tears flow down the cheeks of the neophytes as they realize that the entire chapter has united to witness their achievement. Although light is irrelevant because of their improved vision, the room becomes brighter with each answer. When the room is completely bright, the chaplain ask the neophytes why do you fight? The Iron Guard chapter and the new marines answer with their battle cry, “For the Emperor’s Unity”.

The chapter travels across the galaxy obeying the will of the Emperor. The Imperial Guard forces of Volan travel with the Iron Guard aiding them in battle. The Iron Guard are known for their impenetrable fortifications and their apothecaries.

The Iron Guard is best known for their actions during the second black crusade. The Iron Guard were able to quickly make indestructible fortifications in other systems, that repealed attack after attack from Abaddon‘s forces. People rejoice when they hear that the Iron Guard and their Imperial Army has been summoned.