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    Legitimacy of the 40K Lexicanum?

    Hey everyone...I just had a question about the 40K Lexicanum, located here:

    Main Page - Lexicanum

    Now I am aware that there are more than a few misleading websites out there to beware of, but this seems pretty legit. The information looks to be taken only from material that GW has sanctioned over the years. I've also seen quite a few posts on quite a few threads by quite a few respectable members of this online community, who cited Lexicanum as a legitimate source of information for fluff and other 40K-related information.

    My question is this: Can the 40K Lexicanum website be considered a valid, legitimate source for information about fluff?

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    Observe it's referencing.

    If it's well referenced, then it's easy to cross-check. We have a well informed group of fans here at Librarium Online, who should be able to establish any article as true or false, if it becomes an issue.

    Primary problems include legacy fluff, such as the Horus Heresy or Imperial Robots, or Black Library/Sabertooth created fluff, such the HH series of novels, or novels such as Lord of the Night (Name? The one with the Night Lord that had just come out of stasis).

    Beyond that, I'd say it's safe.

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    It is pretty good for most things. Best thing to do, is that if you are concerned about a specific issue then to raise it here and others can try to yay or nay it.

    Some fan fiction has made it on to the site, but it is definitely a useful tool.
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