"Given enough time, any man may master the physical. With enough knowledge, any man may become wise. It is the true warrior who can master both....and surpass the result."
-Lephisto Izgon, Epistolary of the Ultramarines, Chapter Master of The Celestial Dragons


Name: Celestial Dragons
Homeworld: Ih'Heulea V
Founding: 26th Founding
Gene Seed: Ultramarines
Organization: Codex
Chapter Master: Lephisto Izgon IV
Warcry: "per unitatem vis" (Strength through Unity)


Chapter badge

Celestial Dragon

The Celestial Dragons were formed in the 26th Founding with the purpose of eradicating the Ork Race, which over time has become their speciality. The gene seed used to make the Celestial Dragons was derived from the Ultramarines, for they were most filled with the wisdom, knowledge and loyalty to do the Emperor's will.

The Chapter were given a home planet named Ih'Heulea V. Lephisto Izgon IV, a Captain of the Ultramarines, was sent to the planet to train them. After he trained them, he was given the right to be the first Chapter Master of the new-born chapter. When Lephisto was made Chapter Master, he saw the inhabitants at war over the leadership of the planet. He thought that the lifestyle of these people were excellent for recruiting into the chapter.

Soon after becoming Chapter Master, The orks tried to invade their new homeworld. Lephisto sent a proclamation to the inhabitants to unite so that they could defeat the invading Orks. Many inhabitants refused to unite to fight against the new threat as they worried too much on gaining power over the planet. Thus, Lephisto sent another proclamation claiming that anyone who refuses to unite and defend their planet would be swiftly executed. Many more inhabitants were convinced to join the united front against the Orks. Hence the War cry came forth as "per unitatem vis" - "Strength through Unity".

As a result of this invasion, the Chapter's hatred of the Orks began to grow deep within their veins which led them to wage a war against them. This was is known as the Ih'Heulea V Massacre. To this day The Celestial Dragons are still fighting against the Orks and refuse to stop until the Orks are completely destroyed.

Ih'Heulea V Massacre... (coming soon)


Lephisto Izgon IV,
Master of The Celestial Dragons
Chapter Master Lephisto Izgon IV was formerly of the Ultramarines Chapter. However, even though he was part of the Chapter, he was never really part of their brotherhood. Lephisto was a proud, thoughtful man who spent most of his time training or devising new tactics for his warriors. But despite being so full of pride ,none could doubt his ability to command. He was a brilliant tactician, his mind as sharp as his blade. He was able to react to developing threats swiftly and without mercy. Like his brethren he was a merciless warrior, not pausing in dealing out death in the name of the Emperor.

Lephisto was well know for his leadership skills and bravery on the battlefield, one of his great feats was ambushing 10 squads of orks with just 10 men. Lephisto and his squad slaughtered those Orks like pigs, none died but a few were injured. Lephisto successl came through his planning and his strategic battle methods

Ih'Heulea V

The planet Ih'Heulea V is planet the same size as of Terra. The planet has 1 frozen continent in the South. The planet is covered with deserts, jungles and amazons. The planet has 4 continents which are all connected in one land mass. The people of Ih'Heulea V are constantly at war between the eight large tribes that inhabit the planet. They fight over land, food and honor. The Chapter believes that the war has the ability to make strong recruits and warriors, hardening them to the harsh reality of war from an early age would make them excellent recruits to the chapter. The problem for the Chapter is that some tribe rivalries continue fighting during training and thus creates unnecessary tension between recruits, with the worst instances ending in death. Never in the Chapter's history have any single clan been annihilated, due to the fact they are so large and spread out. The tribe warriors have a great reputation for being cold and heartless killers, believing that only the strong survive.

The Fortress-Monastery is located on the frozen continent, this was the location of it because Lephisto Izgon IV believed that this place would be suitable to train their recruits and would not distract them from the worldly things.

In the M41 around 876, The Celestial Dragons home planet were invaded by the Orks. Lephisto Izgon IV commanded that all the inhabitants to be moved to the western region where they would be safe, the day came and a slaughter feast of the Orks had begun.
As a result of this war,the planet was destroyed and left in ruins. Making the planet more than an idealistic planet to train some of the toughest recruits on.

Lephisto Izgon


They view the Emperor as a never dying Crusader and savior of humanity who will rise again to lead his forces to the very edges of the Universe. They find it's their duty to lay the ground work,mapping undiscovered systems and reclaiming lost world and finding the lost Icons of the Empire. The Celestial Dragons believe it is their duty to serve and protect those who are in allegiance to the Imperium. They will come to their brothers aid when needed. It is not their will that motivate this chapter, but the will of the Emperor to do thier duties. Most of The Celestial Dragons have a strong faith in the Emperor and believe that nothing can stand in their way, and are proud, courageous fighters on the field.

They also beleive that The Emperor will show himself to them only until eradicate all the alien races to make the universe clean and pure for him. They have adapted a pure hatred against the Orks as they invaded their planet and nearly destroyed it

Combat Doctrine

The Celestial Dragons believe that adaptability is the key to fighting, this is because if they know how the enemy fight, they are able to strengthen and equip themselves to use their weaknesses in their own tactics against them.

Lephisto Izgon told his chapter that "Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat,To defeat your opponent, you must be able to think like them and fight them".

The Celestial Dragons also fight aggressively, they always plan out their tactics and plans before they enter the battlefield. Their Chapter Master Lephisto Izgon IV always told his battle brothers that the best way to conquer the enemy is attack front on, and then flank them on the sides when they are at their weakest strength. This tactic was used when defending against the Orks invading their home planet. Lephisto Izgon IV uses these tactics so he can preserve his men, that they might live longer to serve the Emperor and fulfill their duties before their time is up. Lephisto Izgon IV also trained his men to work together in squads, going solo is a last resort. He said that being in a squad would make their chances of surviving better and killing the enemy faster.


After seeing much activity from Chapters adhering to the Codex Astartes Lephisto Izgon decided that The Celestial Dragons should do so. Much questioning followed this decision but Lephisto Izgon explained that if the Celestial Dragons were to succeed in future battles against larger enemies they needed to be organized more efficiently. This lead to the Celestial Dragons using Codex organization but keeping the more speed and stealth oriented tactics that they use.

As their first Chapter Master Lephisto Izgon IV was from the Ultramarines along with his chosen men, the gene-seed heritage of the Celestial Dragons is that of the Ultramarines. The geneseed has remained pure and untainted so far.


The battlecry of The Celestial Dragons is "per unitatem vis" which means strength through unity, It said because they work as one and their purpose is one. The reponse to this battlecry is repeated. The battlecry was developed during the invasion of Orks, when lephisto Izgon IV sent a proclamation to the rest of the inhabitants to unite in a front against them. When they enter a war with the Orks, they shout this warcry with honor, As this warcry makes the Orks tremble with fear because they can not forget the Ih'heulea massacre

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