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    Crimson Imortalis Chapter

    Name: Crimson Imortalis
    Symbol: Black wings with a cross in the center (think Blood angels but replace the drop with a cross)
    Chapter Traits: Combat Squads, no pity! no remorse! no fear! i haven't decided on any others yet.
    Homeworld: Kael’un
    Background: The Crimson Imortalis Chapter of the space marines is a 21st founding successor chapter to the Blood Angels. In the middle of the 41st millennium the Glorious emperor saw fit to call for further chapters of space marines to reinforce the eastern fringes of the empire to further fortify against the Xenos threat that lies there.

    Receiving this call to arms, Dante felt it was time to give to the emperor once again. Calling forth one of the most faithful chaplains, Geoph Calindan Dante gave him the Charge to form the chapter as the chapter master.

    Geoph was to have his choice of 50 Brothers to form the new Chapter. Once on his way to the new Capital world of Kael’un in his newly renamed Battle Barge the Forge of Victory, Geoph took his apothecaries aside and told them his vision for the Crimson Imortalis there would only be 500 marines, a small number but highly trained, they would be the match for any enemy that may come before them. A large cadre of ‘Potentials’ Battle-brothers will hold the line alongside the ‘proven’. The potentials will hold their position along side the proven until a proven should fall in battle then the next potential in the line of succession shall take the 500th position of succession.

    Succession is a numerical order decided by the chaplain trainers for all potentials as they are inducted into the chapter all proven will use the order the became proven for their order of succession.

    No brother aside from the priests shall drink the blood of Sanguinius, all others shall be created as stated in the Codex Astartes.

    No Commander shall be so arrogant as to take a command retinue for fighting with their men in the thick of battle shall be the highest honor, the veterans of many campaigns shall lead the less experienced battle brothers, forgoing fighting in veteran squads, but passing on their experience to the younger proven.

    Crimson Imortalis Doctrine will be that of the quick and decisive strike, allow the enemy to come where you want them and strike them from all sides with all your might. Retreat is unacceptable for that is the utmost of dishonor.

    *Unwritten but decided fluff*

    rage of the immortal warrior; if the unit wins the combat he must make an additional moral with a minus one for every two units you won by, if you fail the save you are in a blood rage and must assault the nearest unit the next turn

    Librarians are impossible in the Crimson Fists since without drinking the blood since the proven go insane during the psychic change.

    All HQ units must start game attached to a single troop choice.

    **That is it for the fluff for now more to come**

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