Imperial Falcons
The Imperial falcons were created during the 26th founding 100 years before the 3rd war for Armageddon. Their gene seed comes from the raven guard chapter and bare the badge on their left shoulder. When Ghazgull urak thraka a mighty ork warlord set his eyes upon the imperial trade planet of Armageddon for the 3rd time the Imperial Falcons were called in to wreak havoc on ork settlement and outposts. When ghazgull learned of his outposts being attacked he stationed his him self at an outpost that The imperial Falcons would attack sooner or later. just weeks after Ghazgull landed at the outpost Peregrines chapter Master of the Imperial falcons was sent orders to attack the outpost due to the number of gathering orks. Immediately Peregrines ordered the attack, drop pods smashed into the ground around the outpost and tactical marines moved in but only finding a handful of orks. Suddenly a roar came from the trees and sent a chill down every marine’s spine ghazgull and his orks bolted out from the trees ambushing the marines. Ghazgull ripped through the marine lines with every swing of his power claw, he pick up a veteran Sargent and toyed with him but as he went to squish the marine between his claws he heard a jump pack swoop down and a incredible force sent him sailing 5 metres across the battle field, partly stunned by what had just happened he turned to see Peregrines holding his hammer gifted to him on the day he was made chapter Master. The air filled with the noise of land speeder engines diving from great altitudes and swooping the orks with heavy bolter and typhoon missile fire and assault marine poured from the sky led by Buredes Peregrineses right hand man trained by shrike him self led a slaughter which was enough to make ghazgull return to his ship. The victory was won over the vital outpost but not with out consequences the large number of orks that had mustered punched a whole in the chapter, 3 battle companies were lost. The Imperial Falcons are still rebuilding there lost companies and there fore do not send full battle companies into war unless they have no other choices. Tanks and terminators are very restricted in there armouries because of their losses.
Raven guard successors.
Traits: Blessed be the warrior, No mercy no respite.
Drawback: flesh over steel.