Okay here is my fluff and not in story format cause I never had time to finnish it.

The Tau of Por J'Kaara are mostly made up of diplomats. A military force is maintained as it is on the outer sectors of the Tau empire. A small world it is made up of one large land mass. The land mass is pocketed with thousands and thousands of lakes. The Tau here are explorers and are constantly sending out delegations to work out treatises with other planets or groups to bring them into the fold of the Tau empire. The Tau of Por J'Kaara is focused on the expansion of the empire that was until the Necrons came.

Monoliths dropped from the sky and necrons teleported from these living metal behemoths. Key capitols were under attack. It happened quickly and was very coordinated. The Tau were unprepared for anything like it. The fighting was rag tag as groups banded together to hold of the alien menace. Stealth teams were key in distraction and elimination of necron units. Necron forces though held 25% of the land mass before resistance could be brought to bear. Oddly this 25% was located around an area where several capitol cities lay but also alot of rugged undeveloped land.

Finally the counter attack commenced but when it did the necron forces disappeared. Like a breeze had blown them away and no one knew why. Several units had seen the necrons in the citites and watched as they prepared something or constructed something but could not replicate it. People tried to understand what had occured and why but their was no reason coming. The world tried to rebuild itself as things went back to normal but it was several weeks later when a pattern was noticed. The weather was becoming increasingly hotter than it had. The water levels of the lakes were dropping. Plant life was dieing. It became evident that the necrons had done something to their world before they left. Hunter cadres were put together to search for the necrons to get answers and see what they could find hopefully before their world died.