Here's a short story I cranked out about my Deathwing and my Commander. I'm thinking of actually doing a background to this so it doesn't seem so incomplete... :blink:

Tell me what you think.

++++++++++++++++++TRANSMITTED: ORDO XENOS
++++++++++++++++++++DESTINATION: <<ERROR>>
+++++++++++++++++++++++RECEIVED: CLASSIFIED
++++++++++++++++++++++++DATE: 54329999.M40
+++++++++++++++++++INTERCEPT/REDIRECT: Terra
+++++++++++++++++++++ENCRYPTION: High priority

Greetings Grand Master,

As you no doubt have realized, I have relieved from your diplomatic duties for the moment, as a much higher priority situation has seized our attention. I apologize for the short notice, but we have determined that this situation must not grow out of control and it thus requires your immediate presence.

We lost contact with a newly-formed colony on AV-LR 426 no more than thirty-eight hours ago. The last transmission from the colony was distorted, possibly jammed by a high-frequency sound wave our analysts have not identified as of yet. Recently, xenos activity within the sector has tripled over the last three months. We can only assume that an invasion is nigh, and the failure of contact with the colony is a result of a xenoid attack.

I have authorized the use of full force as necessary, and have also assembled Strike Force Retribution at your request. Squads Aerias and Belial, and Dreadnoughts Hadriel and Famiel are en route to the location as you find yourself reading this message. I expect nothing but the best coming from you, Uziel.

Clean up this mess and consider yourself the leader of the most elite Deathwing Company within the Inner Circle.

Good luck and may the Emperor’s light shine upon you

Ordos Xenos Exterminatus, Primus Dimitrius

+++++++++++++++++++++++++END TRANSMISSION

Uziel gazed upon ruined city with weary eyes. The city seemed to gaze back.

What the Tyranids didn’t use as food was either not living in the first place or had died long ago. To consume the galaxy, it would seem, was their only purpose. The plague of the galaxy - but it was only survival to them.

Uziel pushed away the remaining Tyranid Gaunt carcasses with his right foot. His once gleaming white armor was tainted with the alien ichors and organs now sprawled across the floor of the building’s interior. His armor, marred by the scratches and dents put there by them when they were still alive.

The administrative building served as a rudimentary defensive fortification for Uziel, but little was left of the building to even classify it as a structure of any kind. It now served as a graveyard of Tyranid bodies. A Terminator sergeant approached Uziel with an uncertain tone. Uziel’s bionic eyes were affixed on something far in the distance.

“My lord, my men and I are nearly out of ammunition,? remarked sergeant Aerias. Uziel didn’t seem to acknowledge the sergeant’s presence. His pale blue eyes still tracking something distant, something sergeant Aerias couldn’t see with his own eyes.

“My lord...? began Aerias.

“ are my most trusted sergeant,? interrupted Uziel, still glaring into the urban hell, “if you break now, your men will break. This is our finest hour, Aerias...this moment, right here - right now - this is what we were meant to do...? Aerias looked up from the ground, his Terminator mask in hand.

“...In the service of our Emperor,? said Uziel.

Words were nothing but a drug at the time, hoping to dull the harsh inevitable realities of what lie ahead. Aerias stared at the mighty Grand Master in awe. A light breeze swept through the city, providing a brief moment of clarity to the remaining Deathwing. They had collectively slain over 1,000 Tyranids in those few days, and even the Emperor’s finest seemed to wane with exhaustion after such exposure to extreme elements. The chapter standard on Uziel’s back flapped violently in the wind.

“My lord&#33;? shouted sergeant Belial, “another wave&#33; From the South East&#33;?

“Yes sergeant, I am aware...I’ve been tracking their movement. They’re trying to catch us off guard,? said Uziel, unemotionally.

“My lord, another wave&#33; From the North&#33; They’re surrounding us&#33;? spat Ixion, from Belial’s squad.

“We are Deathwing, Ixion. We are always outnumbered,? said Uziel, in retort.

“...but we’re not outgunned&#33;? shouted Traeus.

The streets and buildings became black, like a dark cloud of mist was quickly moving over them with ungodly speed. They were advancing, they were preparing for the final assault.

Belial and his squad were the first to fire at the advancing wall of flesh, carapace, and teeth. Several of them liquefied in the small array of storm bolter, assault cannon, and frag missile fire. But still, they advanced. They knew not of the limits of the Deathwing - how far each and every one of them would go. Stubborn by nature, stubborn by way of life. They would not give up, even to the last man.

“My lord, they are breaking through...? said Aerias over the fire.

“Tell me, Aerias...? began Uziel.

“My lord?? said Aerias.

“Am I still standing?? said Uziel, as if he was uncertain.

“My lord?? said Aerias, inquisitively.

“Do I still stand before you?? said Uziel. Dozens of Tyranids were now pouring over the barriers, a handful of Deathwing Terminators keeping them at bay.

“Y-yes, my lord. You are still standing,? said Aerias in affirmation.

“Then you shall do the same&#33;? shouted Uziel, as he leapt from his position swinging his Sword of Secrets, killing seven Gaunts in one swing.