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    Cadian 666th army fluff

    History of the Cadian 666th: Bear with me guys, the story is quite long...

    Victor Ludwig was born on the world of Orcus Prime, a small urban planet situated near Cadia. He was an Orphan, his parents having died in a fire. He was raised by his uncle, Harold Ludwig, who happened to be the founder of a world wide corperation that dealt with medical and biological research. In Victors early years, Harold noticed that the young boy was rather gifted. Despite his extreme shyness, Victor was a very bright young lad, constantly impressing his uncle. When Victor came of age, uncle Harold gave him a job at the family corperation. It was not long before Victor rose through the ranks of the company, and after only a few years of work experiance under his belt, Harold proudly apointed his nephew to the head of the biological research division.

    Whenever Victor was not working on research in the laboratory, he liked to go into the nearby capital of Orcus prime. One day while having his midday meal at the local eatery, Victor noticed a fetching young woman sitting at the bar. Although usually very shy, Victor was compelled to talk to her. The young woman's name was Sara, and she and victor soon became good friends. Not long after they met, Victor expressed his love for Sara, and to his surprise, she accepted his courtship. In a year's time they would be married, and be expecting a child.

    However, all was not well. Although Victor and Sara were very prosperous, the same could not be said of uncle Harold. Harold was rather old, and his health was failing. It was not long before he passed, and Victor was grief striken when he recieved the news. His only comfort was Sara, who helped him through the whole ordeal. Shourtly after Harold's demise, Victor was informed that his uncle had left him the sole heir to the family fortune, and that his uncles last wish had been for Victor to take his place at the head of the corperation. With this news, Victor had become the most powerful and most influentual man on all of Orcus Prime, without even realising it.

    A few years past and Victor lived a happy life with his wife Sara, as they raised there daughter Isabella, who was born a few months after Harold's death. As was well, but in one faitful night, everything would change...

    Victor had been working on a new project, one that could yeild possible medical breakthroughs capable of saving millions of lives. It was due to this demanding work that he was often forced to work late into the night at his laboratory, at the expense of spending time with his family. On one such night after a hours of work, Victor came home to find something was terribly wrong. He found the front door smashed in. As he ran into the bedroom, he suddenly stoped, fell to his knee's and began weeping. Sara, his love lay dead on the floor, laying in a pool of her own blood. After that night, Victor would never be the same.

    Despite the tradagy, Victor still had his Daughter Isabella, who was now in her early teens. fortunately she had been staying over at a schoolmate's house that terrible night. The incident had left Victor a broken man, completely Depressed, paranoid and untrusting of anyone, save his precious Isabella...

    The years that followed saw the arrival of the Cadian 666th company, under the command of General Thoedore "evil-eye" Parker, Sent to Orcus prime to fortify it in order to defend the planet from any chaos incursions. General Parker was most renown for his victory against a Tyranid splinter fleet that had strayed far too close to Cadia. General Parker led a dairng boarding action onto the splinter fleets main Hive ship, along with a full company of storm troopers and several squads of Death watch marines. After a vicious battle through the intestine like corridores deep within the bowels of the Hive ship, General Parker and his few remaining men reached a large cavity like chamber. In the middle of the chamber, partially fused with the ship itself was a gargantuan One eyed tentacled monstrosity. General Parker led the remanents of his men against the beast, while the Death Watch marines struggled to keep the monstrosities offspring at bay. However Parker's men were no match against the Beast, as it's mighty tentacles swept his men asside like playthings. The beast grabbed General parker with one of its long slimy tentacles and lifted him off his feet. The Creature opened its Enourmous maw, revealing rows of razorsharp fangs, and prepaired to devour the General.

    Parker Grined and screamed at the top of his longs, "So your hungry Eh? Then chew on this!". The General chucked his last remaining Melta bomb down the creatures mucus filled gullet. Luaghing Meniacally as the creatures head exploded into molten goo. It is said that General Parker, Grabed what was left of the creature's half melted skull and carved the monstrosities eye out of its socket, taking it as a trolphy, Which he still carries with him wherever he goes. Shortly after the beast died, the rest of the Tyranid fleet began to behave erratically, allowing the imperial fleet to easily destroy the remaining vessals.

    This is where General Parker got his nick name "Evil Eye", and it is rumored that anyone who witnesses its gaze will be cursed for all eternity.

    Despite his reputation as a renown hero of the Imperium, and a zealuous defender of the imperial creed, It was nothing but a front. For there was anouther Item that General Parker carried with him at all times. A sword that he claimed was family heirloom, which he always kept sheathed in its scabbard. Actually, none of Parker's men had actaully ever seen him use the blade in battle, much to thier confusion. However, in actuality, the sword was no family hierloom, and the khornate rune engraved in the sword's brass hilt was a dead give away.

    It had been many years after Sara's death. Victor had moved into a large castle in the secluded forest just outside Orcus Prime's main city. Here he worked tirelessly in his laboritory.

    Victor sat in his laboritory amidst countless vials of strangely colored liquids and buzzing mechienery. Suddenly the door creeked open. Two horrifying abominations shambled into the labrotory, dragging a young man in a labcoat. The man Kicked and screamed in terror as they drew closer to Victor. Victor truned around and with looked at his former colleague, Dr. Borrson...

    ...Victor looked down at the creature that had once been Dr. Borrson. He sighed, as he had created yet anouther failure. Borrson had been the last remaining member left of his research team, which meant he had run out of fresh specimans to experiment on. Victor glanced over his shoulder at the large tank of Perserving liquid that held the limp corpse of his late wife. He swore that he would find a way to bring her back, no matter the cost. Victor motioned to the two drooling Abominations lurking in the corner of the labratory. "Come on he said, we have to make a trip to the graveyard."

    A soldier entered General Parker's chamber, Dragging a hand cuffed man in a blood stained labcoat. The man was dishoveled and looked as if he hadn't sleapt in years. "We found this man prying open graves at the local cemetary sir.", General Parker looked at the soldier and frowned "and why should I give half a damn about some petty grave robber, private?!", the private looked at the General with an expression of worry on his face, "Becuase, he was not alone... and his acomplices were definately not human... and definately not alive for that matter either..."

    The General asked the solder to leave his chambers, but demanded that he would be able to talk to Victor alone. The general looked at the deranged scientist and said with a grim look on his face and said, "What you have done... what you created is heresy. Protical dictates that such crimes should be punished by exicution... ", General Parker puased, and then to Victor's surprise, the General's frown turned into a rather perverted grin, "But purhaps we can work out some sort of arrangement instead..."

    With a fresh supply of specimans coming in daily in the form of several of Parker's lower ranking conscripts, Victor had everything he needed to conduct his experiments. However, to his dismay, he could produce nothing but drooling skinless ghouls, of litte use other than grunt work. The General had asked tha Victor supply him with his abominations for some hidden purpose. However victor was still no closer to finding a way successfully reviving his wife. Victor eventually came to a conclusion: In order for his experiment to be a success, he would need a speciman with enourmous willpower, in order for it to retain any of its former intelagance. Victor knew of only one man who might work... General Parker.

    General Parker woke up in a cold sweat, and to his horror found himself bound to a steel labratory table. looming over him was Victor and several of his horrid goons. Victor smile and with a chilling tone wispered into the General's ear, "Your men were just the begining, but you will be my masterpiece..."

    Victor awoke in the middle of the night to a horrid sound coming from his laboritory. He into the lab, which had been trashed beyond recognition. Then Victor noticed the door to Parker's holding sell had been torn open. Moments later he heard a blood curldling scream of a young woman. Victor gasped in terror "Isabella..."

    Victor arrived in Isabella's chamber with unnatural haste. He found the front door smashed in. As he ran into the bedroom, he suddenly stoped, fell to his knee's and began weeping. Isabella, his love lay dead on the floor, laying in a pool of her own blood. Parker was gone, vanished into the night, along with all of Victor's creations.

    Within days of the incident, the cadian 666th had left the planet of Orcus Prime, but not before bombing the planet from orbit: obliterating all life from it's surface. The fleet left Orcus prime forever, forever damned to wander the galaxy in search of new specimans to add to thier ghoulish ranks.

    End fluff. Hope you like it

    That is not dead which may eternal lie,
    for in strange aeons even death may die.

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    Hooray! Brilliant stuff Koss, enjoyed that I did.
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