While not a work of art anything of great wonder, i wrote it for a tournament (although i had been thinking about it for a short while) and decided to share it with the community at large. Enjoy. Any CC is welcome.

PS: the pollution thing kinda got added cause of all the carbon trading schemes going around at the moment. I'm happy to change it for another suitable solution when if someone comes up with one as it is not very Imperial I feel.

Splinter Fleet Setesh

Splinter Fleet Setesh appears to originate from the Imperial Death world of Icantor 4 on the eastern fringe of the Galactic Empire and is such named for its flesh and carapace that resembles desert and rock.
While once a lush planet, many years of battle against what is now known as the Tyranid menace have taken its toll on the planet. The first incursion occurred 50 years before hive fleet kraken arrived in Imperial space and was viewed as a minor issue the Imperium. It appeared to have no thought out approach and was infact just a newly sighted species of animal that was being pushed out of the unexplored jungles towards the cities by the changing climate on Icantor 4. As these attacks became increasingly frequent a perimeter was set up around each of the Hives to stop these creatures that were slightly larger than a dog but appeared to be driven by an unstoppable hunger although they didn’t seem to have any purpose other than to feed.
Slowly but with an increasing pace the lush jungles of Icantor 4 were turning into deserts of barren waste that nothing could survive in. The dust and sand whipped and swept in huge storms that would consume a continent for a day before dissipating. At first this was put down to the pollution put into the atmosphere. After 2 decades it was decided that the attacks on the hives were getting increasingly bad and hence treaties to reduce the pollution were signed. From this point the problem only seemed to get worse with more jungles being affected and at an increased rate.
Grecious and Findious Hives came to conclusion that Regalites Hive was not following the treaties that had been set into place and hence started the 4th civil war of Icantor 4. After 20 years of bitter feuding and each hive having taken heavy losses the civil war ceased as the Imperium was taxing the planet for more troops than usual (unbeknownst to them the Kraken had entered Imperial space).
Whether it was the removal of the troops from the planet and the Tyranid threat knowing this or the direction from Hive Fleet Kraken no body would ever know but within a month of the civil war ending communication from Grecious Hive was lost as the sand storms enveloped it and never abated. Findious and Regalites Hive suddenly started to face an increased menace from the beasts in the jungle and as a result created an even larger perimeter as each day the attacks and the dust storms got worse. Six months after end of the civil war the attacks seemed to calm down, the dogs stopped attacking in the waves they once did. Now with the jungle almost gone this species seemed to be disappearing as well.
5 days after the last assault Regalites Hive went silent. The last message was little more than a terrified babbling of non-sense. “…they are here… our sentinels… the jungle got them… rocks, hard as diamonds sliced through our defences… we can’t see them… the jungle and the desert storms… the grubs they are burrowing through our walls… There aren’t any waves of beasts… they don’t need waves… they… they… shooo - iiitt!”
A distress call to Terra was sent. But when the Cadian 6th arrived there was nothing except a ball of dust and sand orbiting the Red Giant of Icantor.