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    The rain pattered on the black bivuack tents in the camp below. Captain Hädwig adjusted his cap and pulled his collar higher around his neck. All was quiet except for the soft hum of his bionic eye and the endless howling of the wind in the mountains on the horizon.
    The company flag flapped lazily on its pole in the centre of the bivuack camp. It seemed nothing more than a tattered black cloth with a faded, solemn skull image and the words 'Emperor, forgive us' woven into the fabric.
    Hädwig knew that the Death Korps had no right to celebrate their existence with bright colours. Their history was far too sad and shameful to deserve such credit. Hädwig took a moment to gaze at the grim symbol with equal pride and shame.
    His gaze dropped as he thought of his time as a young guardsman on his home planet. It seemed so long ago. He recalled the harsh training and the daily nightmare of the grey, inhospitable rubble of Krieg. He recalled being taught from an early age that the heresy of his ansestors would never truly be forgiven and that even now the only path for a soldier of Krieg was the way of death. Hädwig knew that death through battle would find him and that he would receive forgiveness.
    Fighting and dying for the Emperor, the Krieg way.
    A patrol of guardsmen came towards him in single file from beyond the ridge where he stood, their pointed helmets gleaming in the rain, greatcoats drenched.
    'Sergeant Gandersheim reporting, Captain,' said the sergeant.
    'Continue, sergeant,' replied Hädwig, dismissing his thoughts of the past.
    'We've found the traitors,' continued Gandersheim, 'They know we're here and they are heading our way.'
    'Very good, sergeant,' said Hädwig, 'Rouse the lads. We will meet these scum head-on!'
    Ganderheim saluted and ran off. Seconds later the alarm was raised and within minutes the company was standing at attention.
    Hädwig marched down to the assembly area.
    'My friends,' he said calmly, 'Our time has come! We shall receive the devine forgiveness through death and glory! Show no mercy!'
    He drew his power sword and flicked the activation rune.
    'For the Emperor!' he said.
    Without a word the 656th Krieg Death Korps advanced.
    Hädwig looked up at the dark sky. A few seconds later the distant sound of artillery shells broke the silence.
    Hädwig smiled to himself. It would be a good day.

    "We're the Death Korp of Krieg, son. Did you think that was just a pretty name? We never retreat. We fight and we die, that's the Krieg way."
    -Lieutenant Konarski at the Battle of Erebus

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    i'm likin it...nice dark feel to it

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    Dude, thats friggin' awesome! Write more! WRITE MORE!!!

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