The world of Alendria

Ancient History: In the year 12,057 a shuttle was sent from Terra to explore a jungle world on the outskirts of the galaxy. Little else is known of the ancient history of Alendria except that the shuttle crash landed and all communications stopped, and the planet wasn’t heard from for the next 19 thousand years. Over this time somehow the colonists formed a society based on peace between people and peace with nature. The villages were built in the trees and people lived in complete harmony with their environment. They never warred with each other, and had no need for a government. Their economy was based on everyone working together to produce food for the entire village and everyone would get an equal share.

The Arrival of the Imperium: In the year 31,069 an army of Imperials landed on the planet in order to reunite humans or set up a colony if none was established. The Imperials began coming across the villages and started to force their ideas on the people of the planet. Boys were forced to learn the arts of war and were taken away to fight in far off planets. Most of the Imperials left the planet taking people from the planet with them so the could fight in far off wars, a few though stayed behind to continue watching over the people of the planet and continue training them for war. The people of the planet that weren’t being trained were being forced to mine the planet for ores that were to be used by the Imperials.

The Rebellion and Formation of the Cities: A small group of trained people held a rebellion against the Imperials that were enslaving them and killed all but the highest ranking people, then they forced them to give them the designs to vehicles and weapons, then the killed them. The people of the planet rejoiced in being freed from their slavery and began to build weapons and vehicles so they could fight against the Imperials if they ever came back. Huge forests were destroyed so that the people of Alendria could harvest the ores under the surface so that they could produce weapons and vehicles. Cities began to be constructed where people would be trained for war against the Imperials and factories to produce weapons. Some cities produced almost solely tanks or solely troupes so that they could become more efficient at creating wheat they were creating.

The Second Rebellion and Wars of Alendria: This continued for hundreds of years until a small group of people began to realize life was becoming worse than when they were controlled by Imperials and all the land was being torn apart. These small groups rebelled and took control of some cities then produced tanks and trained people to fight against the other cities so that they could be freed from technology. Billions upon billions of people were killed until it reached the point were the world became stained red with the blood of those who had fought, and the skeletons of the fallen could be seen in every direction.

Pollution and solving the Problems: The waterways became polluted with blood, and chemicals from the factories. Slowly the air become full of pollution and became lacking in oxygen, so the cities began to form huge machines that would go through photosynthesis producing glucose and breathable oxygen and reducing the amount of carbon dioxide in the air. Filters were formed to take all the pollution out of the air and break it down into it’s elements then using the elements to create new things that the people needed. But with all of the waterways polluted and slowly becoming smaller as it was filtered the people needed a new way to produce water. So they used space ships to go to neighboring planets and star systems and harvest water from there. Outside of the cities the world was a blood soaked graveyard meant only for war, inside of the cities there was construction, working, training, and planning.

War Continues: The cities continued to wage war on one another and produce their own armies, each one producing the armies along the lines of what they were originally producing. The armies that were producing vehicles began to make new designs and the people that fought for them were actually more machine than human, some of which to such an extent that all of the humanity left in them was maybe just a brain, the only troupes ever used were used to fight in assaults or repair downed vehicles. The cities that produced highly infantry armies began to train harder and prepare to fight against vehicle heavy armies, the only vehicles used by them were to give supporting fire or point out weaknesses, they also implicated a breading program in which women were considered slaves only used for sex and child birth. The armies that had a nice mix of both continued to train, build and design. Wars continue up until this very day.

An Overview of Alendria: Alendria is a graveyard, dyed red in the blood of billions who had died and spotted by huge cities and craters.

Major Cities:
Hamendi- Vehicle based, very high technology, produces large numbers of titans which are mainly used to guard the city, produces many types of tanks and flying crafts, the entire human population other than youngsters have at least one bionical enhancement most of the population is more machine than human, when it uses troupes it has Techpriest Enginseers ride with the tanks but most of the people are carried in flying transports which land briefly to allow the troupes to disembark and charge into assault with the tanks and titans.

Taris- Infantry Based, most of the city is made of living quarters, industrial farms, and weapon manufactures, has some of the most powerful weapons on the planet (titan killers and such) and uses them to defend itself, Women are treated as slaves and used only for sex and birth, high death rate, those that do their first few wars continue to survive and over time have become extremely hardened fighters willing to do things that most wouldn't ever dream of doing (such as running up to a tank, jumping on, and throwing a grenade in the turret or through eye holes and the top hatch)

Aria- large population of people and tanks, women are treated the same way that Taris treats it's women, uses transports such as the Chimera to get into battle, uses vehicles to give cover fire while it's infantry charges up into battle

Burlau- Consists of cult worshipers, uses many priests and psychers, the standard troupes are willing to do anything for their cause including take huge explosives with them and throw them only a short distance even though they'll probubly get destroyed along with the enimy

The hidden city of Lor- It's where abouts are completely unknown and they use their technology to camouflage themselves and infiltrate their einimes and conduct small raids, it is unknown how many people their city consists of all that is really known is that with however much they have they are very efficient at what they do, the vehicles they do have hide in rock formations and at times attack from underground

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