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    The Fall of An Angel

    It took me a good 2 day period to finaly finish the story for my Dark eldar lord, and after long and painful wate of time in front of the computer I finaly came up with the following. It is probably painful for you guys to read this whole thing, but for those that do I would realy like to hear some feedback.

    Name-------Izual Prozen
    Gender Male
    Eye Color---Pre syncronicity: Blue
    -------------Post syncronicity: Red
    Weight------189 lbs
    Date of birth------------Unknown
    Place of birth-----------Unknown
    Current State-----------Active
    Current location--------M.I.A.
    Primary Weapon-------72” Moonblade, “Altana”
    Secondary Weapon-----Decorated splinter pistol
    Personality--------------Impulsively unstable
    Status-------------------Dark Eldar Psychic Commander
    Status-------------------High admiral of Ulthwé High Council
    Threat Level------------Deadly

    Izual Prozen Biography
    Once, a long time ago Prozen was a High Commander of the Ulthwé fleet. He is also much, much more, although even he himself still remains unaware of his full potential, let alone his true origins which he has spent so many years to discover.

    Prozen’s career and life reached a turning point when him and his elite dire avenger assault force were sent to hunt down an renegade eldar fleet. The fleet was commanded by Agrael, a member of the Ulthwé council that went rogue after his force’s encounter with the Keeper of Secrets. Upon his return, Agrael went berserk, taking command of a fleet of Ultwé ships and leaving without word. Prozen’s force was immediately dispatched to deal with the rising threat. While his mission was simply to hunt down and terminate the enemy commander, Prozen did attempt to investigate the reason for councilman’s betrayal.

    You must have sensed it, she cannot see in your mind but perhaps you can see into hers. A life of waking from one nightmare only to find yourself deep in another. She is a prisoner, floating in darkness... Just like the unborn in the womb, but soon, I will find her... And I will set her free once more...” - Agrael

    His dicovery tore his sanity to shreds. Before his sword layed a final blow to the councilman, Agrael revealed him the truth behind their origins. He revealed that both, him and Agrael were simple psychic abominations that the humans had geneticaly engineered. Their mother, whose name was never known or mentioned in any of the Ulthwé archives, a naturaly gifted psyker whose psychic abilities were ever further enchanced after her encounter with the Keeper of Secrets. Her capture by the imperial forces led to her being ceiled in a vault in her unconscious state, deep inside a fortified base. With the usual focus of strength over mind, the imperial forces devise a plan to use her children for experimental purposes, to create psykers with the ability to harness their natural energy given to them by chaos without being tainted by the warp.

    Against her will, the three; Izual, Agrael and the third unknown child are taken away from her at birth. Her anger, hatred and rage becomes so great, that a syncronic connection was drawn between her mind and those of her children. This rendered them temporarely mindless, like stray wolves sending them berserk on those around them. The psychic wave ripped the reality barrier around her, completely destroying the minds of those near her during syncronization. The “syncronization event” as the researchers call it, resulted in many casualties. No matter how far her children were sent, their dreams remained full of nightmares, and her presense was everfelt in their minds, even though neither knew her true identity. It didnt take long for her to turn her eyes upon the research personel...

    ...considering her existance too dangerous to maintain, the imperial forces put her to eternal sleep, that during which she would stay alive yet never awaken. Her soulstone was salvaged by the strike force during the great raid and locked away in a protected vault deep inside the craftworld Ulthwé. Yet even from her eternal grave in which she laid, her psychic spirit would never let go of her children.

    They were rescued in their infant stage when an Ulthwé strike force attacked the planet intended on destroying the imperial genetic research laboratories. During the raid, all power of the base is disabled. Along with many other subject, the life support in the vault collapses, killing the mother in a matter of seconds.

    He never lies Izual, cant you see that? His only intention has always been to reveal you your won secrets that even you are not aware of. You still don't know do you? Who you are, why you are here? What's the first thing you remember? What's your given name? Where were you born? You have no history” - Agrael

    Upon his return from the mission, Prozen became obsessed with the things revealed to him by Agrael. Yet words alone were not enough to convince him the harsh truth. The next three years of Prozen’s life were spent in the archives of Ulthwé, searching for the truth behind his origins. Day by day, his hostility grew, his skin turned ever paler, and his mind became ever more crazed of the truth. The Ulthwé farseers were silent, sensing a dark cloud in Prozen’s future Three years into his search, Prozen’s ultimate discovery desecrated his sanity. For days he sat motionless, without a single sight of emotion or conscious. His skin was colorless, his eyes bright red, burning and emotionless. Upon setting sight upon their commander, his own bodyguards no longer knew the person they protected for so many years. His gaze was cold, so cold that it alone was enough to inspire great fear even in a brave soul...

    It is the way of man to make monsters. And it is the nature of monsters to destroy their makers” - Prozen

    ...without missing a single step he heads for the research complex deep inside the craftworld. A series of explosions shake the defense command headquarters, erasing the communication array from existance. Another series of explosions rampage across the capitol and the space port of Ulthwé. Fear, panic and confusion takes over the steets and alleys of the beautiful city. Total chaos.

    While the capitol is ablaze, Prozen smoothly makes his way though the laboratory complex slashing through anyone and anything standing on his path. Upon recovering the mother’s soulstone, he heads for the space port, burning by the many colors of war. Prozen’s diversionary ground forces begin to withdraw toward the space port, as their commander nears his destination. With arcs of energy flying over his head, Prozen boards an eldar battlecruiser Shadow of Regret. Like rolling thunder the ship’s main batteries open fire in all directions. The command tower explodes under the mass force of the railguns, the support modules, loading bays and crew stations are set ablaze moments later. Giant chuncks of wraithbone are torn from the craftworld infrastructure as energy pulses detonated on its surface. Moments later a massive chunk of outer wraithbone section housing the space port breaks away under the mass fire, revealing the burning ship yard. Like a ghost Shadow of Regret rips through the damaged hull of the craftworld, followed by the captured Ulthwé cruisers, heading for the darkness of space.
    The farseers stood tall on the observation deck of Ulthwé, catching the last glimse of the Prozen’s force, before watching it disappear into the webway leaving the burning craftworld floating silently through space.

    They tried to bury their sins, live as if they never happened ... but instead they simply planted the seeds of their doom. A war is coming”. - Prozen

    Some men spend their lives seeking the illusion of universal power, others live in a constant struggle to pleasure themselves with various riches and wealth. Some men even dedicate their entire existance to obtaining ultimate fame and glory. However there are those that are different. Some men no longer look for anything meaninful or logical in the world, they can not be blinded with power, bought with money, bullied, reasoned or negotiated with. Some men simply wish to watch the world burn.

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