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Thread: orks and eldar

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    orks and eldar

    I was thinking about having an eldar army with orks in it. the reason is, the new starter box thing "assault on black reach" is really good value and i'm going halfs with my brother for it(hes a SM player). im mainly in it for the small rulebook, which i need anyway, and the templates and stuff. but i thought instead of just leaving the orks on my shelf getting dusty with maybe an occasional game, what if i could make a eldar(which i collect, duh) army with about 20 ork boyz in there.

    The story which i thought of to use is that Eldrad Ulthran (which i have in my army) has found a way of controling the orks. the reason they need the orks is because they are low on numbers.

    i was wondering what you thought of this, maybe you could suggest your own story for it.

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    Well I have seen on many occasions the Orks used as a Cat's Paw by the Eldar, then again... those Xenos will use anyone or anything if it keeps them from dirtying their own hands. So really who knows. I'm sure the fluff-meisters will give you a much better account of anything I can tell you. Though personally, I don't think the Eldar would fight 'alongside' the Orks. At most they would send them in as cannon fodder or some such, or as a way to distract the enemy, they're sneaky and devious that way. Damn space fairies.

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