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    III Legion (Emperor's Children) Questions

    I had a few questions about the pre-heresy legions, especially the 3rd (Emperor's Children). I have read the horus heresy books but they don't give me a broad enough view of the legion.

    Things I want to know are :
    1. What kind of big vehicles (like titans and superheavies) were around before the heresy. I know that the reaver and warlord titans were, but i can't find any mention of a warhound in pre-heresy fluff, and I know the baneblade was around, but were its variations?

    2. Did all legions work with the Imperial Army?

    3. The general structure of the legions, like how many marines there were, i know there were companies, each lead by a captain and different legions had different numbers of companies, but how many marines were in each compainy?

    4. When the Imperial army worked with the legions, how many men/tanks from the Imperial Army usually accompanied a legion?

    Any help appreciated, Ive been workin on ideas and stuff for a Pre-Heresy Emperor's Children army, which currently uses the CSM codex, but ive been thinkin of going apocalypse and buying a titan or baneblade or maybe both, in which of a case it would be really cool IMO to use normal marine rules and have IG representing the Imperial Army, so i could have an Apoc army that represented a small piece of one of the legions of old.


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    Try here, it may help: Space Marine Legion - Lexicanum

    And as to the size of the Companies: I beleive each Successor Chapter was formed from one of the remaining Companies of the Legion, after the casualties of the Horus Heresy, which meant that some Legions only had 2 or 3 Companies remaining, but others who managed to escape the fighting *cough*Ultramarines*cough* were still at full strength, so had dozens of Companies and dozens of second founding Chapters.

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