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Thread: chapter name

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    chapter name

    hi, im in need of a new chapter name. The chapter colour scheme is red with grey shoulder pads and a silver chest eagle. I was thinking of something along the lines of The Striking Hawks or The Red Dragons. The symbol i intend to use is the Lightning symbol on the SM transfer sheet.

    Chapter Name: (Undecided)
    Battle Cry: (Undecided)
    Homeworld: Levitas Silicis
    Background: The () Chapter are a mysterious chapter, as not much is known about their creation. It was first believed by imperial scholars that they were a second founding of the Raven Guard chapter, but this was disproven due to the fact that none of the chapter exhibit the genetic flaw the Raven Guard posess. The only real thing known about their founding is that they appeared in imperial records at around the same time as the Blood Ravens. They mainly follow the Codex Astartes yet exhibit a slight preference for short ranged firefights, hence a slightly larger number of flamers. They adapt their tactics to the situation, and it is often hard to guess how they will fight. In close combat their preffered weapon is a lightning claw, as it is fast and deadly, and they also use a lot of power weapons. The Chapter has a notable hate for Greenskins.

    Their home planet is a barren world, which is harsh and the inhabitants are tough and hardy, yet they also are unusually intelligent. These people form the bulk of new (insert chapter name) recruits. Other recruits come from Levitas Silicis' moons, Noveria I and Septimus Prime. The people from Noveria are generally more skilled at ranged warfare, and most recruits become snipers in the Scout Company, and Devastators in the Other Companies. The people from Septimus Prime have an affinity for technology, and the majority of these recruits are sent straight to mars, or are trained to be Apothercaries.

    The (insert chapter name) are organised more or less to standard Space Marine ways, however, they field a larger scout company. This is probably due to the fact that the (insert chapter name) make sure that their battle brothers are as experianced as possible before they are given their power armour. They also field a larger amount of Terminator armour, due to the fact that the world of Noveria I is technologically advanced and can churn out a suits of terminator armour at double the usual rate.

    The head of the chapter is Chapter Master Carmine, the most experianced warrior in the chapter. His tactical genius has guided the (insert chapter name here)(damn this is getting annoying!) to many a victory, most notably when he duelled and defeated a Chaos Sorcerer who attacked the sector. However, the Sorcerer cursed Carmine in his last dying breaths, and Carmine has suffered greatly ever since. His misfortunes include:
    His bolter misfiring and blowing off a finger,
    Being trapped under an Ork Deff Dredd after it fell on him when his guards destroyed it
    Losing his favoured weapon, a Thunder Hammer named "Lightning", after an explosion threw him to the ground.
    Almost being killed by his own troops when the whole Battleforce's communications
    malfunctioned and broadcasted the commanders position as teeming with hostiles
    Being shot through the head numerous times

    However, he is lucky in his unluckiness(is that even a word?) as he always seems to survive, possibly due to the fact that he has an unusually thick skull.
    Equipped with: Dex Nico (master crafted power sword), bolter, bionics, iron halo, artificier armour, melta bombs and terminator honours. He may swap his bolter for a plasma pistol for 15 points. (total 161)

    Special Rules:
    Cursed: Carmine is cursed with bad luck. If you roll a 1 or 2 when rolling for the plasma pistol, and the wound is saved, re roll the dice.

    Dex Nico: Meaning "Deaths call", dex nico is Carmine's primary weapon. An ancient relic of an earlier chapter master, it is the finest sword in the armour. (master crafted power sword)

    Operations: Carmine has had to undergo numerous surgical operations. As a result he has bionics (included in cost)

    The Chapter has not seen much conflict and has recently been deployed with a Black Templar crusade to try and stop an ork Waaaagh! and finally kill Kurtap, an ork Warlord.

    Hope you like the fluff and can come up with a cool name

    suggestions for more stuff is welcome

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