Deep on the fringes of space in the Ultima Segmentum, above the the planet Tyran the Black hull of the large battle cruiser Relinquo Fides, sits in low orbit its engines humming gently as the artificial gravity allows servitors and some high ranking human engineers to move with realtive ease. The voice issuing across the tannoy seems is filled with pride and a tinge of hate. " Allow known to survive, Purge the Bastards from the planets face. Emperor knows why they were allowed to infest their diese upon our worlds. But we brothers of the Ordo Xenos, WE do not allow such tresspass." with that final words reverting across the empty hallways of the Relinquo Fides, a low resounding siren emits its wailing tone, a warning to those below that death shall come from the skies filled with fire.

The first volley of barrages sent tearing down thru the stratsphere, strike near on dead on target, their super heated beams of energy blasting the biomass of the large Titan scaled creature apart. amidst the chaotic splurge of energy striking down to destroy the Xeno creatures of greater bulk, teardrops of black trimmed with a grey metal shade rain down to the surface.

The assault of Tyran had begun, and the brothers of the Ordo Xeno`s land in a crashing thunderous applause of Lance strikes and melta barrages. As the attention of the Tyranid hive concentrates upon the specific location of the black tear drops, a clear tacticaly advantage was one during that minor skirmish yet was enough for the Xeno hating forces to land in sheer numbers on the far side of the xeno ridden continent.