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    Chaos Chapter Fluff, "The Whispers of the Dying"

    The Whispers of the Dying, henceforth known as the “Whispers,” went renegade 661 M38. The exact cause behind their fall is unknown, but is believed to be due to its chapter master, Hiram Darkwhisper.

    The Whispers were an unusual chapter. A successor of the White Scars, their troops naturally revolved around swift attacks. However, Hiram went out of his way to understand, learn, and teach terror and sabotage tactics to his men. Their chapter duties primarily revolved around putting down rebellions, through fear and cunning.

    Hiram Darkwhisper was the only survivor of the failed Sironas X colonization. Sironas X, a Death World in the galactic north, was nothing more than a vast expanse of desert dotted by caves and mountains. It was colonized in 020 M.38, but shortly after the colonization all contact was lost with its citizens. Unbeknownst to the Imperium, a Xenos race inhabited the caves of Sironas X, and once Imperial ships had entered the warp, they emerged and brutally killed the inhabitants. Hiram, who had hidden from the xenos race, began stealing from them in order to survive. Soon after, he began to enact a campaign of guerrilla warfare against them, poisoning the food he did not steal, killing and gutting them and leaving them in their cave systems, eventually setting their primitive leaders against each other. With their leaders quarreling and their citizens cowering in fear, Hiram struck the killing blow. In his spare time Hiram had been constructing a bomb. He snuck into their cave system, found a fault line, and placed his weapon on the fault. He then snuck back out of the system. 3 hours later, the device went off, imploding the system and burying the xenos alive. Soon after, inquisition ships arrived from warpspace to investigate the disappearance of the colony. Soon, Hiram was inducted into the White Scars as a Space Marine, but soon became the chapter master of a successor chapter of the White Scars, the Whispers of the Dying.

    Hiram, while an excellent Guerrilla tactician and warrior, had been irrevocably changed during his time on Sironas. He became detached from his own humanity, and his reinstatement into the Imperium has led to great curiosity about the psychology of Man. He studied White Scars doctrine as well as advanced Psychology books constantly, and was fascinated with the human mind. Some argue that it was this curiosity that led to his eventual fall. As Chapter Master of the Whispers, Hiram enacted experiments on the human psyche to sate his curiosity. These cruel experiments often led to the utter breakdown of the rebels, even causing some to flee to the Inquisition, begging for death. However, during one campaign, Hiram went too far with his games. During a rebel insurrection on Cathan II, he incited several smaller rebellions within the rebel ranks. This infighting drastically escalated, culminating in the launch of 200 cyclonic missiles at nearby planets in the system, and the detonation of a exterminatus-grade virus bomb on the surface of the planet. The Inquisition, incensed at the loss of an entire system due to Hiram's experiments, ordered 2 companies of White Scars to capture Hiram and his company. Instead of facing his punishment, Hiram, deciding he could not die while he had so much to learn, fled to the Eye of Terror.

    Since 661 M38, the Dark Whispers have incited rebellions and raided Imperial Shipping and Manufactorums across the Galactic North.

    The Colors of the Whispers are Black with Blue shoulderpads, as to blend in with dimly lit environs. They have no particular insignia, though some Whispers have a large black X on their Left Shoulder. They worship Chaos undivided, and there are reports of heavy combat stim use for their Raptors and Bikers.

    ((this is my first fluff post, but i have been working on this a long time. i appreciate suggestions, but be gentle ))

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    thats really REALLY cool!
    how big was the chapter when he went rebel/fled?
    just one query, how did he find a faultline? i would of thought a somewhat advanced piece of machinery would be needed.
    is Hiram Darkwhisper an Assault Marine?
    oh, and you could model your Raptor-Veterans with Imperium Jump Packs, that could be an interesting way to 'uniquenise' your chapter.
    is there a high concentration of psychers?

    really good stuff man!!

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