here's my idea for a small army skilled in killing an enemy without being seen.

the caste is called Mal'Coar's rangers after their commander, Shas'O'Run'Al'Kau'Yon'Mal'Coar who is scarcely matched in his ability to fight in a ruined city or in a forest. he has the ability to make use of any cover avainlable in a battle and use it to his own ends. Mal'Coar's Rangers (hereafter MCR) rely heavily on the placement of firepower and destroying the enemy before they have a chance to fight back.

the paint sceme on my fire warriors is a black undersuit with dark angles green armor with grey camo sploches.

the main base of MCR is on the fringes of tau space and have fought many battles against the dreaded space marines who try contiueously to weaken and crush them.

if you have any feebback, please