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    Craftworld: Isha's Seed

    Craftworld: Isha's Seed
    Before the great fall there was a pleasure cult on the Eldar home worlds that went by the name of "The Seed of Isha." This once glorious cult was soon tainted as all others by the ultimate lusts and cravings. The once devoted designers and engineers turned away to satisfy their ultimate desires; drifting away from the glorious title they once proudly beared, "Isha's Chosen." A handful of the once artisans and developers grew appalled at what they become. The few that saw the ere of their ways gathered onto a craftworld to leave the worlds they once called home. Casting themselves away as exodites of the eldar the re-forged Children of Isha set for to atone for their souls. Entering the webway they prepared to find a new home on the edge of the galaxy, to sow the seeds of maybe a better Eldar empire. Unfortunately just after entering the webways the Seeds of Isha felt a massive psychic cry of pain suffering and death. As the Webways open arms closed around "Isha's seed" the great fall enveloped their abandoned home.
    The Drifting Island
    Thought to be trapt in the now tangled webway the Craftworld "Isha's Seed" lasted against countless seiges by the creatures of the warp while searching for an exit to the webways they once traveled with ease. A ship the size of a craftworld cant just exit the webway anywhere they want. Many of the tubes and tunnels can hardly pass a battle ship as most were designed to only transport buildings, or people. After many a millenia of war and lost hope "Isha's Seed" was disgorged into open space. Weary of facing the beasts of the warp once more the "Isha's Seed" travels the galaxy at sub-light speed seeking a staging ground for the re-founding of the once great Eldar Empire.
    While in the tangled bits of webway the Isha's Seed came to belive they were the only surviving Eldar. This being heavy on their souls each and every Eldar life was sacred. Only the dead were praised more. Each birth is celebrated with feast and song to coincide with the ceremonial harvesting of new souls which was taking place. The Farseers of Isha's Seed avoid combat when possible but when there is no other option they do not hesitate to slam the fist of Khaine upon their enemies.
    Combat Doctrine
    Isha's Chosen will go out of their way to use the least amount of Eldar troops as possible prefering precise tactical strikes over massive invasions. In this sense Isha's seed developed a tendency to field those of the Dire Avenger aspect. While thinking they were the last remaining eldar, these Dire Avengers gradually developed their own shrine and have adopted the colours of the harvest. The last thing their enemies see before their bladed leaves, is the blurr of what apears to be autumn trees. The only offensive actions a force will take is in the taking of an outpost to gather info on a possible founding world.
    To be developed

    An example of a division of Isha's Seed's warriors can be located here

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    Interesting story. You may want to explain how they use aspect warriors if you plan to use them. This story leaves you plenty of room to play in the future, giving you a good reason to use almost anything you want without contradicting your own fluff. Smooth it out and add a bit of flare and you could have a great back story for your army.
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