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    Imperial Guard Fluff: Good or Bad?

    This is the basic fluff for an Imperial Guard army I may be starting soon, using lots of WHFB Empire bits.

    The Planet:

    Evansis is the third planet in the Evansi system, in the Segmentum Solar. It orbits a star like the star of Holy Terra, and its climate is very similar to ancient Terra's as well. It is a watery world, with almost 90% of its surface covered by oceans. It has one large continent, as well as several large chains of volcanic islands. Most of its resources are drawn from the mainland, although its greatest cities are built in the archipelagos.
    Evansis 3 was colonized during the Great Crusade, and was rediscovered in the 32nd millenium by a Black Templar crusade. The Templars found a fairly advanced culture. The people had managed to maintain some of their technology, although they had reverted to using very basic blackpowder weapons, similar to prehistoric muskets. They had divided the world amongst a half-dozen large island cities, all of which had colonies on the mainland and all of which were constantly trying to dominate each other through trade, diplomacy and naval blockade. The newly arrived Imperial forces had little trouble reintigrating the Evansi, as they had retained much of their former customs, and already had a form of Emperor-worship, based in the mainland city of Remas. The church was known as the Cantolian Partiarchy.

    The Army:

    The first Imperial Guard Regiments were tithed from Evansis during the Marcharian Crusade, where they raised three regiments to help crush rebellion on already conquered worlds. They were fairly successful, masterfully trapping and destroying a guerilla army on Makos 6.
    Each Evansi Guard regiment is recruited exclusively from one city's private army. These armies replace the PDF of most worlds. The reason the regiments are seperated by city is that the cities of Evansis still constantly make war with each other, despite the planetary governer based in Remas and several interventions by various Imperial Guard commanders.

    The regiments are equipped based off the Cadian format. However, they wear flamboyant, ruffled and puffy uniforms, with their heavy flak armour, often made to look like metal plate mail, prominently displayed overtop. They disdain camoflauge, deeming it dishonourable. Their order of battle is based off of traditional Evansi battle tactics, relying on a battle line of fixed baoynets, charging at the enemy lines, with dozens of supporting heavy weapons punding the enemy positions with fire. Veterans of the Evansi regiments are often grouped into specially equiped and trained units of Gendarmes. Armoured in heavy carapace, carrying hellguns and mounted in Chimeras, these units advance and take forward objectives, giving the rest of the army time to complete their march to glory.

    The 433rd Evansi Heavy Infantry

    Close Order Drill
    Iron Discipline
    Grenadiers (Gendarmes)
    Carapace Armour
    Heavy Weapon Platoons

    Favourite Special Weapon: Plasma Gun
    Favourite Heavy Weapon: Autocannon

    Battle Cry: Noi abbiamo venuto, noi abbiamo veduto, noi abbiamo conquistato (we came, we saw, we conquered)

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    this sounds just fine! Fluff seal of approval
    PM me about Aurora Prime Vassal fights! Willing and ready!

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