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    Kyron 3rd Jungle Regiment Story

    I wrote a small story about my chapter of SM. I used the same names as i gave my models aswell, even though i havent actuallt got everything mentioned there.

    Im sorry, i couldn't find the spoiler tags!!

    Dante “'Nid Killer'” Jyrakaht stared at the sky. It was all purples and blacks. It had been like that since the Tyranids had arrived. The base had barely survived countless attacks by grunt creatures. Gaunts, Gants and Rippers had smashed through defences without the help of larger creatures and the Kyron 3rd Regiment was in the process of re-building their base. It had been 4 months since the 'Nids had arrived on Kyron and Dante believed that they had done a good job of stopping the Tyranids taking the entire planet. The Kyron 3rd where the best jungle fighters of all the Adeptus Astartes, and therefore had set up their base in the most dense forest they could find. That also meant that if the Tyranids wanted the biomass from this ridiculously large forested area, they would have to fight through the Kyron 3rd. Dante prayed to the Emperor, hoping that they survive the next attack. His Radio crackled and came to life, and a familiar voice came over the radio.
    “Captain, we got another swarm of grunts heading towards you. This one looks like it could be quite a fight. If you like we got some snipers... we could...” started the scout.
    “Negative, do not open fire, we cant risk losing you. What's their ETA to our base?” asked Dante.
    “Seeing I moved forward since our last attack you got even further advanced warning, I'd give you about 30 minutes.”
    “Copy that 30 minutes till bloodshed. Thank you. Don't open fire, and may the Emperor be with you.” said Dante and he turned to face his troops. He clicked his comm to base-wide and began talking to everyone in the base.
    “Our scouts have reported,” started Dante, “That another large force of grunt creatures are heading towards us. They give us about 30 minutes to prepare, so I want those heavy bolters spread out, set up and active. Servitors set up as many mines as you can within 25 minutes. Put them in 3 lines and have them set to the computer terminals, I want 2 servitors to each line. And I want the lines at least 10 metres apart. This is how I want you set out ok: I want a line of flamers at the front, but don't stand until I give the order. Behind them I want 2 lines of bolters, when one line fires the other crouches. As soon as they run out and are forced to reload, the second line stands ok. And remember, DISCIPLINED! Behind them I want plasma guns, then heavy bolters, then rocket launchers. Any people with las-cannons get up on the watch tower with me. Activate the mines when I say so and not before. I want the remaining whirlwinds behind the troops ready to fire when I say so. I have thunderhawks on station in the Litany of Redemption ready to rain fire on the Xeno's on my command. Get to work!” he ordered, and the base became a hive of activity.
    One of the Las-Cannon troops came up to the watch and began talking to Dante.
    “Sir, we still have 2 servitors left over not doing anything.”
    “Have them bolster the walls with wreckage and collect any ammo from dead troops.” said Dante.
    “Yes sir” said the marine and he got to work on the comm.
    Dante clicked his comm and began talking to the crew of the Redemption, “Can you give me a visual of the force heading towards us?” asked Dante.
    “Yes sir, came the mechanical voice of a servitor and not long afterwards a small screen appeared in the top right of Dante's HUD.
    “Thank you.” said Dante and he stopped the transmission.

    25 Minutes Later
    One of the servitors walked up to Dante, “Sir, all tasks have been performed.”
    “Good,” said Dante, “Get down to the computer and de-activate all the mines, stay there until I tell you to activate them.”
    The servitor left the watch tower to perform the task it was given.
    A few minutes later Dante watched as he saw the first of the tyranids come out of the forest and towards the walls of the base.
    “Bolters! Fire when ready!” yelled Dante. Dante watched as the first line of bolters stood and spat disciplined bolter fire towards the swarm of rippers. They quickly fell before the onslaught and it was not long before the first line had ducked and the second line had stood. It was a constant barrage of fire from the Space Marines and more and more tyranids fell before their hands. Minutes after the rippers, came a swarm of Gaunts and Gants, they seemed to go on forever. Dante watched his marines launch salvo after salvo of disciplined bolter fire into the enemy, yet it didn't slow their advance.
    “Plasma Guns!!” Dante yelled to his men, and the row of men behind the bolters stood and fired at the arriving tyranids. It helped but not by much. Dante knew that they would reach the front line before long.
    “Flamers!! Heavy Bolters!! Fire!” yelled Dante. With that, the 1st line and the line behind the plasma guns stood and began firing their weapons. Dante turned to the devastator squad up on the watch tower with him. Before he could start talking he heard a massive cheer from the troops below. He turned back and watched as the grunt force turned tail and ran.
    “Hold fire! Save the ammo!” he yelled and the men stopped their firing.
    “Servitors, fix up and bolster the walls.” barked Dante.
    “Sir, we have a lot of empty gas canisters, what should we do with them?” asked one of the flamers. “Deploy them around the perimeter and when the next wave comes we can use them as traps.” replied Dante.
    “Yes my lord.” said the flamer, and we walked off to do his captains wishes.
    “Maron, have you got any contacts heading towards us?” said Dante into his comms.
    “Negative,” came the scouts voice, “But I do have contacts coming towards me from the base.”
    “I know, we drove them off.” said Dante.
    “Roger that, I'll notify you when the next wave comes. May the emperor be with you.” said Maron.
    “And with you.” said Dante and he ended the communication.
    “Get all the seriously wounded men to the Apothecary quickly.” ordered Dante, “Chaplain Jakelter, take the assault marines to the back of the base, close to the cliff, I want you to be my surprise.”
    “Yes sir.” said the chaplain and he and the marines activated their jump packs and flew to the back of the base.

    30 Minutes Later
    “Captain Dante, I have a large force heading towards, they have the works heading towards you. They have at least 3 Carnifex, 5 Biovores and it looks like they have 9 Zoanthropes, as well as the rest of the force. You'll be lucky if you survive.” said Maron over the vox.
    “Thank you for that vote of confidence brother Maron.” returned Dante, “What's their E.T.A?”
    “Once again about 30 minutes, possibly 25, they're moving at the slowest creatures pace, and he's doing some.” said Maron.
    “Thank you.” said Dante. “All men, report to your defence stations prepare to activate the mines on my mark.”
    He watched as the base became a hive of activity again and people ran to and fro.
    “Servitors, give me a status report of our defences.” said Dante.
    One of the servitors turned to face Dante, “The Heavy Bolters have 86% of their ammo left, the mines are all at 100% and I estimate that the wall is at 79% effectiveness.” came the robotic voice.
    “Is their any way to improve the effectiveness of the wall?” asked Dante.
    “Negative.” it said.
    “Ok, get to your repair station.” ordered Dante.
    “Yes my lord.”
    “Get the whirlwinds ready to fire and have our birds ready to rain fire down.”
    A servitor came up to Dante before he began climbing the stairs to the watch tower.
    “Your blades my lord.” it said.
    Dante turned around and took the small swords from the servitor. He faced back and began walking up the stairs again to over watch the battle.

    25 Minutes Later
    Dante shuddered as he saw the size of the tyranids force coming out the edge of the forest.
    “Spring the traps!” yelled Dante and the best marksmen in the force aimed and placed a single bolt shell into the gas canisters and they went up with an explosion taking out the nearest tyranids to them.
    “All lines- Open fire!” he yelled and all the rows stood up and began firing. Streaks of rockets from the back row and flamers from the front. Heavy bolters were tearing up the front rows of the enemy force and bolters were assisting. Dante gave no other orders until the larger creatures starting coming through the edge of the forest. The first creatures were lictors and 6 zoanthropes.
    “Activate the mines!” Dante yelled at the servitor on the computer terminal.
    A few beeps later, explosions swarmed the 6 zoanthropes, lictors and other creatures.
    An unexpected explosion made Dante looked around to one of the larger walls. A gaping hole filled his vision and what scared him more, the hormagaunts pouring through them. Dante drew his two charged force wakazashi's and jumped from the tower.
    “Jakelter, bring the assault marines to the breach, Librarian Makaltor bring the Grey Knights to the breach as well.” said Dante into his vox.
    Seconds later, two squads of assault marines and the chaplain landed in the breach and cut and hacked their way towards the captain.
    “CARNIFEX!” yelled a voice from the front lines. Dante quickly turned and watched the carnifex approach the wall.
    “Whirlwind, lock target and fire at will!” said Dante.
    The whirlwind artillery tank turned its missile pod towards the carnifex and released a volley of 3 incendiary missiles. They hit the Carnifex with incredible speed. Two of the missiles hit the strong carapace at the back, doing no damage, but one of them and hit the soft unprotected tail, and before long, the entire carnifex was on fire, screaming and writhing, flailing its arms, scythes and spiked tail everywhere, sending tyranids flying and setting even more on fire.
    Dante spun his swords in his hands and drove them into the nearest hormagaunt, then withdrawing them, he took the xeno's head straight off it's shoulders. As another hormagaunt brought it's scythe down, Dante crossed the two wakazashi's and blocked the blades. He held it their until one of the assault marines spun around and planted a bolt pistol shell into it's face. With all the force Dante was putting into stopping the blades stabbing into his face, he fell forward and landed on the corpse. He picked himself up and grabbed his swords and dived into the hormagaunt before it ran past him and began causing havoc in his base. The swords penetrated it's soft skin, yet the xeno still had enough time to spin it's scything talon around and slice dante's chest plate and chest.
    Dante quickly recoiled in pain, fell to the ground and yelled out. Makaltor heard the cry of pain and fired a blast of pure psychic energy through the breach blowing everything back.
    “Fill up that hole- let nothing through!” yelled Makaltor as he ran to his captains aid.
    “Sir, are you alright?” asked Makaltor.
    “Urgh, never better. Not to worry, my Laraman cells will sort it out.” said Dante.
    “Good to hear, at least it wasn't serious.” said Makaltor.
    “Sir, we can't hold them for very long. The chainswords are getting blunt, it's taking more than 3 hits to kill them, some of them are getting through!” yelled one of the assault marines.
    “We're on our way. Just a little longer.” said Makaltor.
    “Yes sir, but don't take too long” yelled the marine.
    “Hrakert, aim your heavy bolter in front of the breach- take out as many as possible!” Dante yelled to the heavy bolter wielder in the devastator squad. The stream of yellow moved from the wall to the breach in a matter of seconds. Hormagaunts fell or were seriously wounded before they entered the breach. Dante stood up clutching his stomach for a few minutes. After that he moved his hand and his wound was clotted and scabbed over. He pulled a tub of Ceramite from his pocket and moulded himself some quick armour, he rubbed and secured it over the gaping hole and it quickly solidified. He did a few quick stretches to make sure he was still flexible enough then he picked up his swords and- along with Makaltor- leaped into the breach to help the assault marines. He sliced and stabbed and hacked until he was nothing but a blur. He spun and ducked to avoid feeling the same pain he had five minutes ago. Twice he almost dived into the way of Hrakert's bolter fire but quickly recoiled away. He stopped and spun around to face the marines as a loud scream followed by an explosion filled his vox. He was just in time to see one of the assault marines get launched across the base and into the tyranid ranks by his jump pack, which had a scything talon wedged in it. Dante ran up to the chaplain and pulled him out of the breach. Two other marines ran to take his place.
    “What is it brother-captain?” asked Jakelter
    “I need you to take me to that marines location- we can't abandon him there. A servant of the emperor doesn't deserve that kind of death.”
    “Hold on tight sir.” said Jakelter and he grabbed the captain and activated his jump pack. The two flew up and it was the first time they managed to get a good view of the tyranid forces. It was the largest wave so far. They landed directly next to the marine who was about to be eaten, but as Dante fell, he turned his sword down and drove it straight through the skull of the genestealer. The two fought back to back defending the downed marine until he regained consciousness. Jakelter spun his Crozius in an arc and brought it down and a termagants weapon, breaking it in two, he immediately brought it up afterwards smashing into the xeno's bottom jaw. Dante spun one sword so the blade was backwards and he defended with that blade. They were surrounded by xeno's forces and outnumbered by approximately 1000 to 2, with his base further away than he would like. He smiled as he heard a groan from the marine on the floor.
    “Get yourself up marine! We really need to get out of here.” Dante yelled.
    The marine pulled his head up, saw what was around him, yelled a stream of obscenities and then followed his captains orders. He went to draw his chainsword but realised it was still in the breach.
    “Sir, I have no weapon.” yelled the marine.
    Dante turned and threw one of his wakazashi's to the marine who caught it and began fighting.
    “Is your jump pack working!?” asked Dante fighting off a genestealer.
    “Negative sir, it's still got a hormagaunt talon in it. Plus it won't work now anyway.” came the response.
    “Jakelter, can your jump pack carry 3?” asked Dante.
    “Negative, it's two at a time, and that's straining it.” yelled Jakelter.
    “Take the wounded marine, then come back for me.” said Dante.
    “Sir, your surrounded, are you sure?” said the chaplain with uncertainty rich in his voice.
    “One: I didn't get the name 'Nid Killer' by sitting back in a base and Two: I could make it an order if I really wanted. Now pass me back my blade and GO!” yelled Dante.
    The wounded marine threw Dante back his sword and clutched onto the chaplain as they blasted into the air and towards the base. Dante caught his weapon and spun them both around his body, hacking tyranids off at waist height just enough so that he had room to breath. Mere seconds after the chaplain and the lieutenant had left, a razorback plundered through the tyranids and came to a halt next to Dante. The side hatch opened and some marines with heavy bolters jumped out to defend their captain.
    “Sir get in!” one of the yelled.
    Dante decided that was the best course of action and leaped into the razorback. Even inside the colossal machine he could hear the las-cannon on the top firing. The other marines stepped in still firing off their weapons and as soon as the last one was in they slammed and locked the hatch. As they reversed tyranids began clambering over the razorback and the driver slammed his foot on the pedal and the razorback lurched forward and headed towards the breach. The cow-catcher at the front caught more tyranid than cow on the way back. As soon as they were on, the razorback dropped everyone off then reversed into the breach filling up the gap.
    “Sir, go some bad news!” came over the comm.
    “What is it Maron?” said Dante.
    “The rest of the swarm is on it's way sir, they'll be there in fifteen minutes. I think it's time you got the warp out of there!” Maron said.
    “Not yet, we'll transfer all the data from the database into vox pads and then we'll get evac. Anything really bad we should know about?” asked Dante.
    “Yeah, 5 more Carnifex, Couple of Haradans, a winged hive tyrant and enough 'anklebiters' to swarm 3 titans.” Maron answered.
    “Ok I suggest as soon as they pass you find a clearing and get evac back to the Redemption. We'll call for air support when they arrive.” said Makaltor.
    “Yes brother librarian.” and the comm ended.
    “All servitors, begin downloading the information in our databanks into vox pads immediately, put high priority info first. Once all the info has been copied into the vox, purge the database. This is Brother-Captain Dante Jyrakaht to the Litany of Redemption, requesting air support immediately and I want Evac on standby.!” said Dante.
    “This is the Litany of Redemption to Captain Dante, we read you over, air support is en-route. Evac is ready for your command. Good luck!” came over the vox.
    Dante looked around at the wonderful defence his men put putting out. He was asking a lot of them, not even half a company defending a small base from an enormous tyranids swarm.
    He watched as the last of the mines were activated and explosions put a large gap between the next line of tyranids and the wall of space marines.
    “Sir we're out of ammo! What do we do!” exclaimed one of the marines throwing his bolter down on the floor.
    Dante looked at the marine, “We fight for our Primarch Odin and for the great god-emperor. Draw your swords. The day is not yet won.” Or lost. He added to himself, so that only he could hear.
    He watched as the entire defence force drew their chain and power swords from their waists.
    Dante looked up as he heard the roar of thunderhawk engines. He smiled and looked down at the men.
    “For Odin and the Emperor!” he yelled.
    All the forces on the ground jumped over the wall or ran through the breach and sprinted towards the oncoming horde of tyranids.
    “Charge!” yelled Jakelter. The wave of Green surged forwards away from the base to add even more time for the servitors. The front lines of each army collided yet the space marines won that one. Dante jumped over a body and swung his sword. Dante knew his men would not survive a direct encounter with tyranids, especially in a melee fight.

    40 Minutes Later
    Dante was in battle with the hive tyrant, who had his wings 'removed' by a good shot from the devastator las cannon. Dante dived between the xeno's legs and raised his sword as he slid. The charged blade cut straight through the groin of the creature and Dante quickly stood and planted one of his blades straight in it's back. He screamed in pain and spun around. It knocked Dante to the ground with a swipe from it's broken gun. Dante jumped up and gripped his swords tighter, he yelled and charged at the tyrant. He jumped around it and hacked off one of it's arms. He quickly darted around the other side and removed it's only remaining arm. Then as the thing fell in pain, he jumped on its back and drove both swords through the creatures neck. He twisted them to make the wound worse then jumped off.
    Dante's vox flickered to life and a servitor appeared.
    “Sir the upload is complete and the database has been purged.”
    “Very good, have yourself and the other servitors make your way to the hangerbay,” he said to the servitor and he quickly changed the vox channel to the Litany of Redemption, “Requesting evac immediately, land in our hangerbay we will be there shortly!
    Everyone! Fall back to the hangerbay for immediate evac. Fall Back.” Dante yelled at the top of his lungs. He repeated the order in his vox caster just in case and he watched as noble space marines were forced to turn tail and run from a tyranids horde of incredible size. He ran ad jumped over the wall and opened the door.
    He looked up and saw the devastator squad still in the watch tower, they should have been the first ones in the hangerbay as they were the closest.
    “Hey! I said get to the hanger!” yelled Dante.
    “We're staying to cover your retreat, we'll be the last ones to enter! Not to worry, you wont get rid of us that easy sir.” they grinned.
    “Good luck troopers. May the Emperor guide your aim.” he said.
    “And our souls.” the devastators said to themselves.
    They began firing into the lines of tyranids that followed the last of the marines.
    Dante stayed at the door yelling at his men to hurry up. Dante watched as the front of one of the gun ships was ripped open by a haradan and the inhabitants were thrown into the horde of tyranids.
    Dante grimaced at the thought of their deaths, how they would be ripped open and eaten alive. He quickly shook the thought out of his head and muttered a prayer to the Emperor to guide their souls to the golden hall. Once the last of the marines were in Dante looked up and saw that the devastators weren't moving from their position.
    “Hey come on, thats the last of them. Lets move!” he yelled.
    “Thats not the plan sir, what we meant by cover your retreat was, when you were in, we blow the door and barricade you from the tyranids. And that can only be done from the outside.” said one of the devastators, “You cant persuade us to come with you, and we wont follow your orders, so just go sir.”
    “Good luck men, it will be hard trying to find someone to replace you.”
    “Sir! Just go they're getting closer!” yelled the marine firing his heavy bolter.
    Dante jumped in and closed the door. He made for the hanger at a fast sprint.
    The devastators watched the door close and lock. “Do it!” said the sergeant and one of the marines threw a belt of melta bombs at the door. They exploded and the door caved in blocking the way in or out.
    “It was an honour serving with you!” said the sergeant, “Looks like now all we have to do is take out as many of the suckers as possible!” he said firing his las cannon.
    Dante was the last one in the thunderhawk. The ramp closed and e felt the ship rise of the ground and it exited the hanger.
    “Wait!” yelled Dante, “fly over the watch tower!”
    “Why?” yelled the pilot.
    “Just do it!”
    The thunderhawk flew towards the watch tower and Dante, the pilot and the other bridge crew saw the devastator squad on the top, fending off lots of creatures.
    “Thats not possible!” exclaimed the pilot smiling.
    “Re-direct the gun ships to defend us, get as close as possible and open the side doors. Men! To your positions!” yelled Dante.
    The devastators watched as the thunderhawk came closer and the gunships approached slaughtering hundreds of tyranids. The sergeant turned and saw the side doors open and Dante was hanging out!
    “Come on men! I'm not leaving you this time!” he grinned.
    “Come on, drop the guns and jump!” he said to the squad and one by one they jumped and landed in the thunderhawk.
    “We're all in! Go!” Dante yelled to the pilot.
    “Yes sir!” The thunderhawk ploughed up into orbit and eventually the gun ships followed. They landed in the Redemption and Dante ran for the bridge.
    “Prepare to leave!” said Dante.
    “Sir, new warp gates have opened up all around the planet!” exclaimed one of the men.
    “What is it.” said Dante.
    “It's battle groups Tempestus, Omega, Canarid and 4 Inquisition ships.” the serf said.
    “They're quarantining the planet. They're not going to destroy it!” said Dante.

    Well, what to you guys think?

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    Not bad, but their name 3rd Kryon regiment sounds too Guardish and these are Space Marines right?
    3rd suggests that their are at least two other Kryon Jungle Chapters.

    Give em a Chapter name, like, I Dunno, Shadow Legion, Jungle Lords, The Predators, Chameleon Knights, that kind of thing.
    But I liked the story.

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