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    Ultramarine Character Ages?

    Ok, since the last book this has kind of bugged me. Based apon the Star Map in the codex, we can infer that the fluff is written for 998.M41

    So we start with Chaplain Cassius, who is "close on four centuries" old. So we'll say he was made an Ultramarine around 600M.41

    Then we have Marneus Calgar. Chapter Master during the invasion of Hive Fleet Behemoth, which occured in 745.M41. So this gives us less then 150 years between the time Cassius became a Marine, and Marneus Calgar was accepted as an Ultramarine, and climbed through the ranks to Chapter Master. This just seems pretty implausible to me that they'd give the highest rank of the most prestigious Space Marine Chapter to someone whose been a marine for less then 150 years.

    Then we've got Telion. Who has served under 3 differant Chapter Masters. So now we've got to figure that in between 600.M41 and 745.M41, the Ultramarines lost 2 Chapter Masters.

    It just seems to me that a lot was going on in that really short period of time (relatively speaking) with mention of any of it. So is this GW just going over zealous on the fluff with Ultramarines, and not thinking it through, or is there more to come in future installments?

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    It really is just that a whole lot was going on for the ultramarines at the time. Tyranid invasion, orks invasion, trying to keep Ultramar together, trying to protect against mauraders, it was a bustling time! As to a younger marine being the chapter master then the oldest, it shows that the ultramarines care more for capability then for seniority.

    P.S. i don't think cassius wanted to be chapter master anyway
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