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    Disciples Legion Fluff

    I am applying for a tourney in the early next year and they want fluff written for the armies, this is where I fail miserably, only reading fluff from the chaos codex and a little of bits and pieces all I have so far is...

    My chaos marines are decedents of Word Bearers legion but instead of relying on daemons, place their trust in close combat and the word of the dark gods.

    Scripts and seals adorn the marines and I am also hoping to make a Dark Chaplain (apostle) for a lord and hopefully a cool banner eventually.

    Other than the style of play and the reference to the Word Bearers, my fluff is virtually non-existent.

    So my question to the wonderful men and women of LO is what can I do? I don't have the time or want to read entire books just to write up a decent fluff, do I just make it up as I go and hope it all works out or is there really as much research as I think?

    Any and all help will be rewarded with REP if it helps me get anywhere as I'm totally stuck in the mud here guys!

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    yeah, i got the same prob with my dark eldar. me and omgitduane are entering this tourny together and i'm also stuck! does anyone think we should write up a list and THEN write up some fluff based apon it? i got my tourny list up already, but it's anything BUT themed!
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