I'm entering a tournament next year (Arcananon I think is the name, for those interested in victoria.) and they require you to have written fluff and you win bonus points if you have a theme to your army, as my army is fluff and themeless I had a thought tonight while reading White Dwarf...

Perhaps my marines can be a sort of chaos sisters of battle, and by that I mean the entire "purge" this and "purify" that way they go about things. I love the fluff of the Word Bearers but I don't like daemons and I think flamers are a great way of using the whole "purge" ideal while not making my army too weak. I want my army to now be close combat orientated, with a strong reliance on chasing down foes and sending them to the dark gods in the most horrible ways.

With the army I have now, mainly just regular marines and some havocs, a predator and defiler, I was wondering what would and wouldn't work in your opinion for this type of "theme"?

I think the defiler works well, its a daemon in a box essentially and although has a big cannon for long range destruction, but still maintains that close combat method in the form of the crab claws.

The havocs I will more than likely be scrapping and replacing with my chosen who are a mix of close combat and short range weaponry.

I think lots of marines and rhinos covered in scripts and litanies of the dark gods are the best ways to go about modeling the army and to reiterate, what do you think works and doesn't work for this as I'd love to hear ideas and since I'm not very fluff-smart, it would be good to hear opinions from people who know it back to front and side to side.

Thanks in advance!