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    Doom Eagles Chapter

    Just a place to put my history of Doom Eagles WIP
    Feel free to comment

    Doom Eagles

    Chapter colours – Silver Armour with Red Chest Eagle, Red Left Kneepad.
    Gold Helmets for Sergeants. Shoulder Trims donate company, following codex and Left Kneepad displays Company number.

    Founding – Ultramarines 2nd Founding Chapter

    Thought for the day – Only in Death, does Duty End.

    All of creation suffers, young ones. Only in accepting our own mortality can we make a difference. Only in bearing the burden of our failures can we find the strength to go on. Only in detachment from glory, or honour, or jealousy... from life itself can we hope to spare others from grief.

    We are Doom Eagles. And we are dead already.
    +++ Librarian Secundus Thryn of the Doom Eagles +++

    Chapter symbol – A Shrouded Deaths Head on Black Eagle Wings

    Origins of the Doom Eagles

    Not long after the Arch-traitor Warmaster Horus was killed by the noble sacrifice of the Emperor of Mankind, and those forces that sided with him had been thrown back into the Eye, the Primarch Robute Gulliman set about creating the Codex Astartes. One of his first acts was to break down the mighty Space Marine Legions into smaller forces capable of quick reactions. One of the 21 Chapters to be created from his own Legion, the Ultramarines, the Doom Eagles were formed. Grim and dour, but Stoic and unwaveringly loyal even when compared to their Ultramarine Brothers, the Doom Eagles took to the Stars 1000 strong and ready to forge their own path.

    Home world - Gathis II

    **Data Missing or Clearance Level insufficient **

    Combat Doctrine

    Combat Doctrine of the Doom Eagles is based on the holy Codex Astartes as written down by their own Primarch Gulliman. The Doom Eagles favour short ranged fire fights followed by swift combat to break the enemy, then they rapidly redeploy using Rhino and Razorback transports.

    Alternative strategies involve Drop podding deep into enemy lines as armoured vehicles, infiltrating scouts or the bikes of the 6th attack head on.

    The Chapter has an unshakeable faith, but it is well tempered. Not for them the fanatics froth-mouthed charge to oblivion, they are cool and calculating under the most extreme conditions. During the battles of the 13th Black Crusade, they fought were the Plague of Unbelief struck hardest, yet it is reported not one of the Doom Eagles turned from the Emperors Light in those dark days. Surrounded by the reanimated corpses of Imperial Guard, Imperial citizens and even fellow Marines, the Doom Eagles fought their way out with distinction and with level heads.


    The Geneseed used by the Doom Eagles is that of the Primarch Robute Gulliman. As such, it is pure and clear of taint. The Doom Eagles can boast the full use of all nineteen of the additional organs implanted in Space Marines.

    3rd Company Recent History

    The 3rd Company of the Doom Eagles is led by the relatively young Captain Argon has made a name for himself fighting on Armageddon and more recently in the Cadian area during the Black crusade. Until late in the Black Crusade, Argon fought as a lieutenant to the 3rd Company Captain Luctus. Luctus was killed and Argon took over with little ceremony. His decision has since been made official by Chapter Master Hearon.

    On the polluted deserts of Armageddon, the 3rd Company, as well as members of the 1st, 6th and 10th Companies, fought alongside thousands of other marines from different chapters. Thousands of heroes were born in those bloody days, where men and orks were killed in numbers that soon spiralled into the billions.

    The 3rd Company held off the rampaging hordes of orks long enough for Imperial citizens to be evacuated countless times, the guerrilla attacks on ork held strong points and supply chains by the 6th and 10th Companies meant the 3rd Company was able to weather constant attacks and eventually force back the tide of greenskins assaulting the Hives entrance.

    The Sternguard and Terminator armour equipped Veterans were often found in the most perilous positions. Terminators teleporting inside numberless hoards of Orks to execute the Warboss before turning their guns on his retinue, while Sternguard stood amongst guardsmen, their acts of valour spurring on the beleaguered defenders to fight that bit longer and hold on to the thin thread of hope.

    The Doom Eagles left soon after the Warlord Thraka left Armageddon, for the enemies of Mankind were gathering to press at the defensive holes created by the Armageddon war. The Doom Eagles fought off several Xenos attacks as they headed to blunt the advances of Hive Fleet Kraken.

    In space the 3rd Company sent marines into the very Belly of the Beast. Marines infiltrated the living space vessels of the Tyranid fleet and detonated warheads which destroyed the Hives Minds control. The Marines would quickly escape the dying ship as the Imperial Navy slaughtered the remaining ships, now leaderless and confused.
    With the Tendril stopped and the Corkonian star system saved for now, the Doom Eagles turned towards the Eye of Terror as portents pointed to a major conflict in that area.

    Numbers somewhat depleted from the two major wars they had fought in so short a time, the Doom Eagles stopped in several promising systems to gather raw recruits. They would not be ready in time for the coming campaign but they would help strengthen the chapter after the bloody war.

    Upon arriving at the Cadian Gate, the Doom Eagles dispatched forces to warzones that had already suffered at the hands of Chaos. The largest of these detachments, under the command of Captain Luctus of the 3rd Company, was involved in operations within the Belis Corona subsector, against the plague zombies created by the Curse of Unbelief. Although not one marine fell to the plague, it was here that the Captain fell. Battling against a large force of Black Legionnaires he was defeated by High ranking Champion whose Daemonhood was close to realization.
    Surrounded on all sides by traitors and foul beasts from the Warp, Luctus was the last to fall heroically slaying no less than 3 dread Champions of Chaos single-handedly before defeat at the hands of Memnoch, the terror of Kradin. It was during this engagement that the Young Argon took command and successfully repelled the Chaos forces.

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    Dom Eagles...


    Yeah, looking good I like the insignia a lot.
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    Looking good.
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    I like, I like a lot! The Doom Eagles are a chapter you rarely see played and even though they are a chapter created by GW they stand out as quite unique because so few play them.

    Also, the short story about Doom Eagles recruiting is just great. And I like yours as well. Nice work!

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