I was thinking of designing a Space Marine special character just for fun and I got a really interesting idea, here it is.

A space marine, for now we will call him Julius, who was training to be a Luna Wolf right before the Heresy began. The craft he was traveling in made a slight error in calculations for warp travel and crashed. Because of the Heresy, the recovery of the transport was postponed and forgotten.

Amongst the couple hundred recruits on-board, only a handful survived the crash. The world was an exotic Death World filled with incredibly tenacious creatures and over a period of ten to twenty years all the recruits fell to the harsh environment except Julius.

After surviving for (however many years it took for Horus to get to Terra plus a little longer) a small survey team came to the planet. Seeing the craft Julius tracked the team down and saved them from some of the natural predators. After seeing that the planet was obviously inhospitable the team left, taking Julius with them and dropping him off at a hive world. Julius learned of the Heresy and was shocked, stricken with disbelief.

In order to verify the truth Julius traveled to Terra, avoiding attention because of his association with the traitor legion. He had almost reached his destination when a prominent member of the early inquisition recognized his incredible resemblance to Horus, for Julius was a "son of Horus" or a Luna Wolf who, when the gene-seed altered him, came to resemble Horus. The inquisitor captured Julius (with the aid of many men) and transported him to the nearest Inquistion base, on Terra. He told his story without torture, though afterwards he was subjugated anyway (which is why to this day he dislikes the Inquisition).

On Terra he was ordered to be killed when, at the last moment an order from "higher up" was given to release Julius into the custody of the Golden Throne. Unable to contest the order, the Inquisition was forced to comply. None know what happened within those walls, except Julius himself, and the God-Emperor. For unknown reasons the God-Emperor had begun to Psychicly watch over Julius ever since he had came to Terra. The Emperor felt some connection to Julius and the Horus the Emperor knew before the Heresy. Julius stayed on Terra for a year, learning of the recent History and communicating (through servitors) with the Emperor himself.

Julius left Terra, and was sent to train with the Imperial Fists, Ultramarines, and Blood Angels. He spent a few decades training under each Chapter's teachers, learning the arts of War and refining his feral combat style.

Julius has had countless journies since those times, sent personally by the Emperor on specific missions deemed vital. Unlike any other Space Marine, however, he cannot take any glory, for if his origins were known no Space Marine, even under the Emperor's word, would desire to work with him. Thus he always works alone or "in-cognito" as a member of the Space Marine Chapter he has been sent to assist.

Thats the base of the story though I want to work on his name, as well as how he operates. His rules would be:

WS: 6
BS: 5
S: 4
T: 5
W: 4
I: 5
A: 4
Ld: 10
Sv: *

Special Rules:

And They Shall Know No Fear, Eternal Warrior, Combat Tactics, Independent Character,

"Luck" of the Emperor: The Emperor personally blessed Julius, allowing him to re-roll one armor/invulnerable save, one to hit roll, and one to wound roll each turn. This counts as a psycic ability that is always active.

Gaze of the Emperor: The emperor is often psycicly watching over Julius, and this can hinder psycic abilities nearby. Models withing 3 inches of Julius cannot use or be affected by Psycic abilities. This counts as a psycic ability that is always active. Luck of the Emperor and Gaze of the Emperor are exempt from being canceled.


Before the mission Julius must choose which set of war-gear to use;

Standard Gear:
Blessed Artificer Armor (4+ invulnerable)
The Golden Blade (M.C. Power Sword, always wounds on at least a 4+)
Emperor's Fist (Powerfist + Integrated Gun: Range 24'', Str 4, AP 3, Assault 2)

Scout Gear: (Julius gains Infiltrate, Scouts, and Move Through Cover)
Blessed Scout Armor (5+ invulnerable)
Camo Cloak
"Last Breath" (Range 36'', Str 5, AP 2, Heavy 1, Can single out targets)
CC Weapon

Assault Gear: (Julius can Deep Strike)
Blessed Power Armor (5+ invulnerable)
Jump Pack
The Golden Blade
Emperor's Shield (Combat Shield, enemy units in CC with Julius get -1 attack (min 1))

Theres my idea, obviously he needs a point cost, and taking Scout Gear would be the cheapest, then Standard, then Assault. Name ideas for weapons would be nice. What do you think? I feel like he is better than the Special Characters in the codex but not by much.