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    Help with my SM units fluff please.

    So this is going to be my first attempt at coming up with some fluff (so dont be too harsh) and its going to be a work in progress. Anything that conflicts with GW fluff let me know.

    Here goes.

    In (M.41.XXX) a great ork waaaaagh descended on the forge world of Everest. The world was well defended by several Imperial Guard regiments. However the Guard could only hold off the Orks for so long.
    Marneus Calgar of the Ultramarines began to prepare a response. He ordered Captain (i forgot his name, and my codex is out in the car I'll edit it later) ,of the 3rd company, to take his men, and the 8th company, to the world to reinforce the Guard and defeat the orks. Captain (X) began gathering his company. Captain (x) dispatched Chaplain Clechu and 3 squads of the 3rd, 4 Assault Squads of the 8th, techmarines and techpreists
    Hours after their arrival the marines were trapped by a warp storm. The campaign against the orks was brutal, in the first 6 months the Ultramarines lost nearly half their number. The imperial guard regiments were decimated, but they were able to replenish their numbers from the local population.
    Fortunately the techmarines were able to keep the factories running, they turned out weapons, munitions, vehicles and after a year they were able to produce new suits of power armor. Faced with dire circumstances, the marines began recruiting from the Guard's elite units. Quickly trained and genetically enhanced and trained by the survivors from the original detachment. These new recruits learned quickly and became as effective as most space marines. After nearly 60 years the last of the Orks were defeated and the Chaplain Clechu was able to build his force to near company strength. The heraldic colors of the 3rd and 8th companies were combined, Clechu promoted himself to captain, renamed his unit 'The Defenders of Everest'.
    5 Years later the warp storm receded. and contact with the Imperium was reestablished. When Captain Clechu contacted the Ultramrines he found that he and his men had been assumed dead since the odds were so heavily stacked against him. Captain X and Calgar decided that 'The Defenders of Everest' and all their new members would be accepted into the chapter as a special independent task force.
    .... to be continued

    A few questions, What is a good date for me to use as a start time and I forgot how the date code system works.
    Would a Chaplain be an appropriate commander for a force of this size, if not who would be? I don't want to use the third company Captain as he is a established character.

    Comments would be appreciated. ill put some more into it soon.

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    Is Sicarius the 3rd company captain? Not sure. A Chaplain would be a fine leader; he'd get to inspire the Skitarii (a forge world's equivalent of Imperial Guard) as well as his own Smurfs to stand in the face of impossible odds. Chaplains love that sort of thing!

    I find only two significant issues in the fluff so far. The main one is that it's unlikely a forge world would be surprised by a warp strom--Ork Waaghs don't cause them, either cultists do or their approach is detectable. The other issue is recruitment. An expeditionary force of Marines wouldn't be equipped to raise new Marines and it takes a long time before a new Marine is battle-ready.

    Here's an alternative scenario. What about Tyranids instead of Orks? Suppose the timeline was set during the Second Tyrannic War and the Ultramarines (famous for their victory in the First Tyrannic War) sent a force to help protect a forge world in the face of the Hive Fleet's advance? Suppose, further, that said forge world produced some of the implants the Ultramarines used in recruitment. (The Marines provide the geneseed but there are a host of other bionics and organs that go along with it.) There would be no question but that the Ultramarines would send a force to protect that world at all costs. Lastly, suppose the Imperium gave up on the planet and partially virus-bombed it, not having the time to do a proper job. Both the Imperium and the Hive Fleet moved on, leaving a couple small cities of surviving humans and a relatively small Tyranid presence. Stuck behind enemy lines, presumed dead, not having any starships left and (possibly because of the Hive Mind?) unable to communicate telepathically with the rest of humanity, the Marines might choose to go native and recruit locally as an alternative to losing a war of attrition against the bugs. The infrastructure and geneseed would then both be present, and a couple centuries later the Marines could have been rediscovered. Never having given in to their hated enemy, the surviving Marines would be welcomed as minor heroes and allowed to serve in the fashion you have in mind.
    "My tanks have names, my men have numbers." -Col. Edmund Grahvess, 23rd Kronecker Prison Guard

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