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Thread: Army backstory

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    Army backstory

    So, I was really bored and decided to try and write down something cool to be the backstory for my Eldar army and how they might fit with my Tau army. What I got was something that could have been written by a twelve year old (probably better if the twelve year old did it). Anyway here it is. C and C would be very much appreciated as I want to actually make this good. It's kinda long but here goes:

    The Ghosts
    Kenasar rushed through the corridors as fast as he could run, the council would not tolerate tardiness. He had been summoned to report on the new arrivals to the Craftworld, supposed survivors of Altansar. As he reached the council chambers something caught his ear, from further within the craftworld came the unmistakable sounds of the Avatar stirring. War was not far off, what had these strangers brought upon them. Realizing again the importance of his report he continued his rush to the council chambers.

    Farseer Tavaron sat in his usual position at the center of the room, surrounded by the small number of exarches and warlocks the craftworld had. The most prized possession the world had, a way-stone from the long fallen great farseer Eldrad, sat in the middle of the table for all to see. Tavaron had looked upon that stone for long periods of time and never saw one glimmer of light from it. Now all of a sudden it glowed as if light by a powerful fire. “Kenasar, what have you discovered about our new guests? Are they truly who they say they are?”

    “Yes, they are from Altansar. Though how they came to be here I still cannot say.”

    “How many of them are there total?”

    “Only a small number, I put their total at around 80. They all seem to be changed in some way from their original aspects though.”

    “Do they have the taint of the warp in them?”

    “No Farseer. They do not seem to follow the dark gods or She who Thirsts, they only seem to have a deeper lust for battle, and are slightly changed in other ways. For example, the 3 Dire Avenger squads they have, no longer wear the blue armor of their shrine. Instead they wear a dark red and black armor and call themselves “Dark Avengers”, to honor the multitude of Reaper squads they were marooned with for so long. The Warp Spiders have painted their armor a brighter shade of red and call themselves “Blood Spiders”. Continuing with the pattern, the Banshees have kept their aspects armor color as have the Scorpions, but their eyes have a more bloodthirsty glow in them. Almost as if the battle is the only thing they live for. Revenge on the chaos gods for what they tried to do to them during their exile in the Eye of Terror.”

    “What of the Dark Reapers that came with them?”

    “For having suffered the same exile, they appear unaffected somehow. The same for the contingent of Pathfinders they have with them. The Pathfinders were apparently picked up after a skirmish along the way.”

    “You haven’t mentioned the Wraithlord they brought with them or the Farseer. Why?”

    “Because they are the most interesting. I was just getting to them. When I communicated with the Wraithlord, he would only answer to “The Ghost”. Being the chief spiritseer of the craftworld I have communicated with many who have been called back into the service of the world of the living, never have I been afraid as I was with him. He was a Dark Reaper fighting alongside Mugan Ra during the 13th Black Crusade. He was to be next to done the armor of the Exarch should he fall in battle, but a Defiler battle cannon shot took him out before that could happen. Ra saved his stone and his soul and brought it back with him. He was then summoned into a wraith body so that he could fight on in the service of the craftworld. Unfortunately, he was driven into the same lust for battle as most of the others, and as a wraithlord he has proven unstoppable. I have never felt a wraith presence like his. He fights true and for the Eldar, but his power is immense and frightening. Even among them he is kept out of the wraith body until he is needed. Farseer Jalan, on the other hand, has a far less interesting story but no less important. She was found alongside the contingent of Pathfinders and they were all picked up and added to the group. It seems she has taken it upon herself to try and guide them and hone them like a sword edge to cut the enemies hearts. She also seems to be the only one that can lead them and hold their desire for battle in check. That is all I have to report for now.”

    “Very well, we will let them stay here. They could be a valuable addition to our own defenses. Now for the other reason we have gathered in council today. As you all no doubt have noticed, the Avatar is stirring and will be awakened soon. As we speak the young king is being prepared and soon we will be at war. I have had many visions and my sleep has been troubled as of late. It seems I cannot pinpoint our enemy. I keep having multiple visions of the warriors for the so called Emperor, both his numerous troops and his abomination marines. I also have seen the agents of the warp, the great devourer, and even the greenskins. I have also seen the images of the ancient ones arising from their tombs again. However, we will not fight alone. My scrying has shown me that we need to ally with and use the young race, they will help fight for us. Go now, prepare your aspects for battle. The Eldar shall come out of this conflict and regain what we lost so long ago.”

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    I like it. It provides a credible story for your force as well as adding a certain mysteriousness
    The only constant in the universe is change, adapt or die.

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