This is an attempt to make a Planetary Survey using the Imperial Armour books as a blue print. This is the first part I hope you guys like it.

Planet: Xavier
Segmentum: Tempestus
Sector: Iunitice
Sub Sector: Intine
System: Oaton, Three planets (Xavier, Nolia, Ortes) Two inhabited(Xavier, Ortes)
Planets: Inner Planet: Xavier- hive world, Ortes- mining world
Outer Planets: Nolia - dead world
Satellites: Xavier - 2
Ortes - 1
Nolia - 1
Asteroids: One Asteroid belt separates Nolia from Xavier
Comets: None Known

Summary: Xavier is a large hive world that specializes in manufacturing equipment to create Imperial Navy ships. One of Xavier satellites is a shipyard that manufactures various ships including cruisers. Its second satellite is a miniature fortress, that trains the sectors military.

Size: Equitoral Distance- 18,750 miles
Gravity: 1.01 G
Satellites: 2
Population: 15,000,000
Rotation Speed: 985mph
Orbit: Mean Orbital distance 142 million kms from the star
Climate Classification: Temperate Standard
Mean Surface Temperature: 20 C

Troposheric Composition: Nitrogen 75%, Oxygen 21%, Argon 1.5%, Ozone 1.5%, Carbon dioxide .2%
Tithe Grade: 77,000,000 per annum
Climate Regions: Southern and northern polar caps are large ice fields.
Seas: Account for 82% of the planets surface.
Islands/Continents: Four large islands make up 16% of Xavier’s surface, smaller islands make up the other 2%.

Climatic Phenomena: Hurricanes
Xavier’s hurricanes have prolonged life because of the slow rotation speed of the planet, warm temperatures, and limited time on land. Hurricanes are able to survive for several decades, records show hurricanes that have been around for centuries.

Flora & Fauna: Rainforest exist on small islands and in the center of the four large islands. Xavier has a large variety of deep sea creatures, the most dangerous creature on the planet, is the Xavian Sea Spider. A Xavian Spider must survive for one month on land while it develops gills. The hatchlings for one month swarm cities like locust, they are the size of large tarantulas during this stage, the military has a miniature war with these creatures once a year. Xavian Sea Spiders are never seen again, after they return to the sea.

Economy: Xavier manufactures imperial ship parts for the Imperium. The majority of the workforce live in hive cities, while the small island’s workers maintain large sea farms and hydroplants to provide water and food for the large population.

Society: Xavier has four clans that rule the planet. Each clan operates one of the four major islands making sure that the planet meets their tithes. The workers are paid very little as the clans provide the majority of the basic needs for its citizens. Xavier supplies are shipped to its moon where imperial ships are created then distributed by the Department of Munitorm officials. Gangs are nonexistent because of the above average living conditions provided by the clans. Each clan sends their brightest to one of the two moons either to Laqui where they become imperial navy experts or to Naqui where they are trained to become Officers for the Sector's Forces.

Water Supply: Small islands with hydroplants are dedicated to filtering the salt water, where it is distributed to the four islands by underwater pipe systems.

Principle Exports: Manufactured Imperial Navy Parts
Principle Imports:Fuel
Food Supply: Sea Food, and imported foodstuff from Ortes.
Urbanisation: Xavier’s four large islands are hive cities with a population of three to four billion each.

History: Tithes records show that Xavier has always created military ships for the Imperium. Xavier also have ancient contracts with the Adeptus Mechanicus. The Adeptus Mechanicus exchanges Imperial Navy Aircrafts such as thunderbolts, marauders, and vultures for Xavier’s crafted parts. Xavier’s pilots and crewmen are in high demand as they are considered elite pilots, Xavier’s soldiers are recognizable by their brown skin.

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