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Thread: Angel Pt. 4

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    Angel Pt. 4

    And now, the both thrilling and I'm sure eagerly awaited conclusion to the Angel series.

    You can read Angel pt. 3 here (Angel, part 3)

    Marius led the squad through the maze of corridors, trying to reach the freedom of open air. They raced faster and faster, trying to outpace the horror that pursued them. Finally, nearing the surface, Marius began to hear comm. Chatter from other elements of the group. As he ran, he called out over the vox. “Overwatch, this is Angel Tree. We are about to emerge from the palace and are being pursued by a large creature. I request fire support in 90 seconds on the courtyard surface!”
    “Angel Three, this is Overwatch. Enemy strength has intensified beyond what we expected. Captain Deimos has determined that the entire city is lost and has issued the order to withdraw forces and destroy what remains of the city from orbit. Head to the landing pad on the roof of the palace for retrieval. Make it fast, bombardment starts in 5 minutes. Overwatch out.”

    Marius swore, they had to wade through enemy forces to get to the extraction point and avoid the creature that was pursuing them all in less than 5 minutes, a tall order even for a space marine. Marius motioned the squad to follow him down a corridor to the right, one that would lead to a stairwell that should lead them to the roof. Behind them, the creature continued to chase them untiringly, smashing thorough columns and doorways with a sickening ease. It’s mutated face distorting into an ugly mask of fury as it tried to reach its quarry.

    Ahead, a barricade had been set up, trying to block any imperial forces that might try and take the stairwell. As the marines were sighted bearing down on the position, the guards stationed there began firing; quickly stopping once they saw what was chasing them. They scrambled to their feet as the marines charged though them, following them towards the stairwell as well. Marius and his squad, completely ignoring them, quickly outpaced them, leaving the traitors to die crushed under the feet of the monster.

    “When we reach the stairs, set as many charges as you can, let’s try to bring down this level under that thing.” Hearing concurrence from his squad, they entered the stairwell only to come under a murderous hail of fire from the landing above. The squad took what cover they could, all the while feeling the floor shaking from the heavy footfalls of what followed them. Marius said, “We don’t have time for this! Climb up the railings, get behind them.”

    They began their assent, out of the firing arc of the heavy weapons but still taking fire from the small arms. As they reached the area behind the enemy position, the creature burst through, taking the traitors by surprise. Terrified, they turned all the fire they had against it but to no avail. The glistening green carapace absorbed everything. It turned its fury on the guardsmen. Marius welcomed the screams that followed him; it meant that he had a few extra seconds.

    Up and up and up they climbed, six, seven, eight stories to the top of the spire tat was their destination. Looking down the stairs, one could clearly see the creature, climbing, using the railings as a ladder to reach his prey. Marius knew he was gaining on them. Because he was going straight up the stairwell as opposed to following he stairs as the marines were, he was traveling faster. “Overwatch, this is Angel Three, we are nearing the extraction point.”
    “Roger, a lander is waiting.”

    The only hope was to get to the top. And suddenly, there was the door. Standing half open, the large double doors that led to the main landing pad offered a view of the freedom of open sky and the beautiful sound of atmospheric engines spun up, ready to take off at any moment.

    Bursting through, the squad sprinted towards the lander, relief beginning to take hold. Behind them, the door exploded, sending wood splinters everywhere. The creature let out a roar at seeing his prey so close to escape. He began his charge, meaning to knock the lander off the pad, letting them fall to certain death.

    The marines rushed to get on board. As they all took their seats, the door gunner swung into position, his heavy chain gun roaring into life to engage the monster charging them. Seemingly incredibly slowly, the pilot eased off the pad, trying to get out of the reach of the creature. It reached out but the gunner turned his weapon on the limb, blasting it into a pulp, making it unable to do anything. It howled in pain and frustration as the lander slipped out of reach.

    Marius removed his helmet and rested his head against the headrest in relief. As the craft swung out away from the palace, he could see the city. The drop zone, their pods still sitting there, was awash with enemies. There must have been over a million in the city center itself with more on the way. Marius could tell why the Captain had ordered a withdrawal. No matter how skilled or experienced they were, marines were not invincible and surely those numbers would have swarmed them under.

    Over the vox, he heard the pilot. “Overwatch, this is lander papa-november-three-three-seven Serra. We are clear of the target zone.”
    “lander papa-november-three-three-seven Serra, this is Overwatch. We confirm you are clear and are commencing fire mission.”
    Switching over to general comm. channel, Overwatch continued. “All units, fire mission is imminent. Stay clear of the palace airspace. Firing in three, two, one.”

    With that, an intense light beamed from the sky, almost to bright to look at. After a second it was gone, leaving a huge gout of fire to erupt from the wreckage of the palace. Again and again, the strike cruiser fired on the city, obliterating it, leaving the scent of ionized air. As the lander ascended into the sky, the gunners on each side closed the doors, cutting off any further view of the destruction wrought by the wrath of the guns of the space marines

    Marius sat back, reflecting on the day’s events. “Truly,” he thought to himself, “are we the Angels of Death.”

    Thanks for everyone who has read and left comments. School takes precedence so I've not been able to write the last chapter as soon as I'd have liked, but it's finally here for your reading enjoyment.

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    A fitting conclusion, I think. Thanks for posting it!
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