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    Demorves Regimental Organization and Equipment

    ***LONGISH POST***
    I wrote this to go along with my army, the 107th Demorves Heavy Armor Regiment and 98th Demorves Infantry, enjoy and comment.

    ---Demorves Military Structure and Equipment---

    Short Description of Demorves-

    Demorves is a large forge world located in Segmentum Solar, near the Hive World of Thranx. The people of demorves are employed in only 3 occupation types: political, industry, or military. Demorves is one of the biggest manufacturers of armored vehicles and munitions within the Department Munitorium. Its tanks and ammunition is represented across the Imperium’s war zones, from the Eye to the Tau “Empire”. The people of Demorves believe very strongly (almost fanatically) in the Imperial Creed and in the Holy Emperor of Man, and will work long and hard for Him and His soldiers.

    Organization of the Demorves Military-

    The Demorves Military is organized much like the rest of the Imperial Guard, as most regiments are segregated between infantry, armor, and artillery. There are some differences though. Due to the high amount of armored vehicles that Demorves produces, the regiments are equipped with a disproportional amount of said vehicles. Even infantry regiments will have more Chimera’s then normal infantry regiments. Armored regiments are larger then normal armored regiments in the Imperium. The other difference in the armored units is that they posses at least 1 company of their own mechanized infantry. How this managed to be approved by the High Command of the Imperial Guard is a mystery and is a tradition that goes back thousands of years. It most likely stems from how loyal the people of Demorves are to the Imperium. This may of earned them some freedoms in the organization of their units. Demorves is know for its armor and its discipline. Not many regular infantry units are formed on the planet, and those that are are usually attached to armored units to provide more infantry support. Dicipline is held above all things except the Imperial Creed in Demorves regiments, and they are renown for their direct following of orders.

    Differences in Demorves equipment in battle-

    Demorves is one of the very few Forge Worlds that is licensed to produce the venerable Baneblade Super Heavy tank. As a result, each regiment is usually armed with one of these beasts, possible even up to 3! (but this is extremely rare)

    The regiments still suffer from the lack of the true Laser Tank Destroyer. This is made up for by the production of a more mass producible version of the tank destroyer, dubbed the “Mk-17”, this vehicle is used for the same role and looks rather similar to the Laser Tank Destroyer. They managed to bypass the issue of the laser technology by creating a projectile cannon with enough power to pierce the toughest armor in the galaxy. It is mounted on a standard Leman Russ hull (the same hull used with Demorves Leman Russ’s) with a slight edition of armor to the former turret area, which allows the commander to look around without exposing himself to enemy fire. Sadly, the Imperium has not issued a mass production order for the Mk-17, but it is a common sight within the Demorves units.
    Another vehicle that Demorves has a license to is the Vanquisher design. Demorves factories produce the Demorves Pattern Vanquisher, which has a much more simple looking barrel, so production can be done faster. Even with the high production rate the Demorves Vanquisher is not produced en-mass, and as such is usually the command tank for the Companies, rather then form companies of its own.

    The last rare variant seen within Demorves is the Exterminator. The Demorves factories produce them, but at a slow rate, and as such, they are utilized less then the Vanquisher or standard Leman Russ. When seen, they are usually squadron or company commanders.

    Demorves infantry and some armored regiments have opted to use the “obsolete” towed version of the Medusa siege gun, for purpose of ruggedness and fuel conservation (as a self propelled one would take much more fuel then a towed version).

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