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    101st Wohnheim Grenadiers (IG)

    This is some fluff I've been working on for my first army in 40k after a looooong (3 year) hiatus from Warhamer 40k. Also, "Grenadier" is just German for infantry, I don't intend to do a stormtrooper army.
    Without further ado, I give you:

    The 101st Wohnheim Grenadier Regiment “Stahlmänner”

    Located in the Sabbat Worlds, the planet of Wohnheim had been out of the reach of the Imperium for over a hundred years since being cut off due to the Chaos incursions of 600.M41. Wohnheim had been settled by refugees from Krieg after the atomic holocaust the world suffered in 433. This, combined with the world’s isolation, allowed the residents of Wohnheim to develop a local language that is essentially a heavily modified version of Low Gothic, because of the widespread use of this language, it has become the standard tongue for the PDF and its units.
    Wohnheim has a fairly varied ecology, with most of its land mass being mountainous, temperate forests, or marshy plains. The people of Wohnheim are industrious and practical, but are also not shy of revelry, the best way to describe them would be to say that they “work hard and play hard”. The planet had a post-industrial society, with a democratic government.
    Wohnheim first saw conflict in 720.M41, when a small contingent of Chaos worshippers landed on the planet without the knowledge of the local planetary authorities. Soon, a large part of the population was under the control of the Ruinous Powers, and a massive civil war began that quickly engulfed the planet from pole to pole.
    It was total war on an apocalyptic scale, with both sides dedicating themselves to the utter destruction of the other, shifting their industrial capabilities to the manufacturing of weapons, and the civilians on both sides committing themselves to the war effort entirely.
    The loyalists were outnumbered however, and it was only through a fanatical devotion to the Emperor, a vicious tactical cunning, and the excellent quality of their troops were they able to hold out, hoping for the forces of the Sabbat Worlds Crusade to come to their aid.
    They were eventually contacted via astropath that a relief force consisting of members of the Iron Snakes Space Marines Chapter and the Royal Volpone 61st and 49th, and the Hyrkan 8th Imperial Guard regiments was on its way.
    It was during the wait for Wohnheim’s salvation that one of its most famous military actions occurred. Discovering that Imperial regular forces were on their way, traitor forces made a final, desperate offensive against the beleaguered loyalists. In one sector, the defense of Wohnheim’s most important spaceport, Heiligenbeil, had been left to the battered remnants of the 101st Planetary Defense Regiment, which recruited any able-bodied civilians into its ranks in preparation for the defense of the city, which was located on the coast of one of the planet’s seas, and had since been cut off from any other loyalist forces.
    The Chaos forces attacked with an entire tank army, with hundreds of traitor tanks and mechanized infantry storming the city from three directions. The defenders engaged the forces of Chaos in vicious close combat through the streets, sewers and skyscrapers of Heiligenbeil. By that time, every person capable of using a las-rifle or missile launcher in the city had been recruited and the entire population of the city was mobilized to defend the all-important spaceport.
    The defenders took horrific casualties, but they inflicted worse than they received, killing tens of thousands of Chaos scum until the traitors were at the gates of the spaceport and the last of the defenders was expending their last ammunition, some units resorting to using melee weapons when out of supplies to hold out against the traitors.
    It was during this, their most dire moment, when the Imperial battlegroup arrived in orbit and commenced in an orbital bombardment against Chaos forces all over the planet, including those besieging Heilgenbeil. This was quickly followed by the Hyrkan 8th dropping onto the spaceport in Heilgenbeil, relieving the local troops and counter-attacking the traitor forces.
    A massive counter-offensive was then prosecuted by Imperial forces against the Chaos forces infesting Wohnheim. However, as a sign of gratitude, Wohnheim founded its first Imperial Guard regiment to give back to the Imperium after it had saved Wohnheim. But instead of being named the 1st and being created from new recruits, volunteers from the surviving defenders of Heiligenbeil were reconstituted as the 101st Wohnheim Grenadier Regiment “Stahlmänner” (meaning “Steel Men” in the local language), in honor of the PDF regiment that made an Imperial victory possible.
    These hardened veterans served as the core of the new regiment, serving as NCO’s, training recruits who had been recruited to bring the unit up to full strength, and to form squads of elite crack troops.
    So now, re-equipped, refreshed and battle-hardened, the men of the 101st Wohnheim Grenadier Regiment “Stahlmänner” are ready to do battle against the enemies of the Imperium.


    In terms of gameplay, I'm going to focus on AT with the occasional flair for close-combat, using grenade launchers and flamers for special weapons, and missile launchers and heavy bolters for my heavy weapons.
    I want to use Hardened Veterans as elite, highly mobile tank-hunter squads equipped with meltaguns, my infantry as dug-in shooting sections that grind the enemy into dust, and some Leman Russ Battle Tanks as spearhead units. That's what I'm focusing on now, but as my army expands so will my unit choices i'm sure.

    So what do you guys think?

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    I like it, an interesting and heroic story without any silly over the top stuff.
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